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Taylor Swift
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Genre: Country
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Taylor Swift
Title: Our Song

Duration: 3:22 (Remain: )

Added: August 25, 2008
# Plays: 201
Last Played: April 26, 2017 9:34 AM
# Requests: 0

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Reggae/Dancehall Recording Artist Jahmiel Release Video For Single”Strongest Soldier”

Jahmiel Release Video For 
‘Strongest Soldier’
Reggae/Dancehall artist Jahmiel release the video for his hit single “Strongest Soldier“. Released earlier today on his VeVo account, the “Strongest Soldier” video has garnered over 15000 views in a few hours. Directed by Warrior Films out of Jamaica, the video depicts a day in the life of Jahmiel with the fans and people in the ‘street’ who continues to motivate him.

With an inspirational message, motivating listeners not to get discouraged better days are on the way, Jahmiel definitely adds another song to his steadily growing catalogue. Produced by Chimney Records, the single is receiving a lot of airplay and love from music lovers globally.
Click link below and watch.

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Dancehall Artist Kemar Highcon Release New Single: Hold Out

Dancehall Artist Kemar Highcon Release New Single: ‘Hold Out’
New York, New York (September 26, 2016).   Kemar HighCon release hot new single titled “Hold Out”, produced by DJ Barkley. Reminiscent of 90s dancehall, “Hold Out” gives you a gritty authentic vibe, which will ignite all lovers of the dancehall culture once they hear it.

The track provides an old school flare, while incorporating the unique tone Kemar is becoming known for delivering. With a hard hitting message along with a pulsating rhythm ‘Hold Out’ drives home the message of not giving up your principles in order to attain your goals. The message throughout the single highlights different scenarios of persons giving up their morals for a faster route to success.

Kemar tells his listeners to Hold Out, take your time and achieve your goals don’t sell out to attain vanity or recognition. Released by Ranch Entertainment only 3 weeks now, Hold Out can be heard in many clubs while receiving radio spin via WEDR, WWPR-FM, and WJMN not to mention the numerous stations throughout the Caribbean.

In life you don’t always get what you want right away, for whatever reason. But that does not mean you should try spread up the process and sell your soul and give up your morals to achieve it, more time you Fi Gwan HOLD OUT, slow cook better” says Kemar Highcon.

Kemar is prepping to drop his highly anticipated video for his breakthrough single Oh Gosh in the upcoming weeks.

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