//Reggae Artist Kabaka Pyramid Returns From Europe

Reggae Artist Kabaka Pyramid Returns From Europe

Reggae Artist Kabaka Pyramid Returns from European Tour & Release Fiery Single ‘Politics ‘
New York, New York (November 9, 2015). Toronto based producer Grandtheft showcase his finesse in his new EP ‘Quit this City‘. While Quit this City’ stays true to the club sound we know and love from Granftheft, the collaborations and features are far ranging and diverse. Each of the 6 tracks adds a new sound, dimension but artfully weaves together to create EPs enticing narrative.

Kabaka Pyramid’s ‘Politics‘ sets the tone for a new sound with a potent message, delivered by a dynamic artist. The lyrical content, which addresses the stagnant  growth in the country of Jamaica followed by the large number of persons suffering due to the lack of opportunities is felt in the descriptive single ‘Politics’.

Tru Politics, Jamaica a mash up tru politics, the people dem a suffer tru politics, 
and nutten nah change tru politics, listen me now, We need some new policies, to 
be poor it is a crime but the leaders of the country love the poor they feel is fine, 
when u pree the time, polluting minds upon the streets, and down a Riverton dem 
put the fire pon di eat, people find it hard to breathe and now the school get so 
spenny but when we blame the leaders dem a gwan like them offended, but me 
nuh business king, all these corporations with dem business ting a suck di people 
dry what Im witnessing”



Kabaka Pyramid who has wrapped up his 40 day European tour, was one of the of rising reggae artist featured in internationally acclaimed magazine Vogue. The article, which highlighted the recent emergence of several Reggae artists out of Jamaica highlighted the “shift in consciousness”. 

Taken By Michael Christopher Brown
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A theme across the world right now seems to resonate within Kabaka Pyramid
recent releases and creative delivery. Whether delivered via a sarcastic play on
words like his single ‘Well Done‘, or on a smooth acoustic story telling track like 
As the Keys‘, or his most recent single ‘Politics’, the social climate and political
climate of the world today is the theme of these tracks.

Kabaka Pyramid is set to return to Jamaica where he is scheduled to be a part of
the panel at this years Jamaica Music Conference.



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