Amanda Bynes Hits the Hot Tub | TMZ

Amanda Bynes, and her blonde wig, popped up in an Atlantic City hot tub, and we have the photos.

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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Amanda Bynes Hits the Hot Tub | TMZ


  1. ha….too funny Check this out–“EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH AMANDA BYNES!!” Go to— joeygattotv on YT VERY good–

  2. I’m just thinking that if I was as famous as Amanda, I’d want to check that I liked the picture someone else has got of me on their camera if I took it.

  3. LOL. I love it when crazy Jew girls self-destruct. I can’t wait until they find her bloated, drugged-up body in her bathtub. I mean, after she’s dead. She’s pretty bloated and drugged up already.

  4. i find it funny how everyone want to talk about how horrible shes acting but here you guys are wishing she was dead your just as bad as she is if not worse so look at yourself first before you want to judge somebody else.

  5. Well, yeah, I said that already. Anyway, I’m done with this because frankly, you’re too close-minded to understand what I’m saying to you and I’m not wasting my time arguing with someone who barely grasps the concept of wanting to look okay in a picture that loads of people are going to see.
    Bye, honey. I wish you well. xo

  6. I’m not 14 and, like, I said, I’m done here. I’m glad you’re happy with the way you look, I’m not and that’s okay because eventually I will be. Not everybody is as confident as you are right now and that’s okay too.
    Again, I wish you well and goodbye. xo

  7. Drugs + White = Black Rapper.
    White ppl associate drugs with black ppl.
    Most rappers do drugs for fun & not to enhance their performance.

  8. hannah montanna taught us that there IS room for both miley and amanda to have all their friends in a pool

  9. Oh great video! lets all laugh at the schizophrenia patient, thank god you Immature nob heads can’t land any meaningful roles in journalism.

    • Derek Merman its Horrible isnt it??? These people are like little kids making fun of slow kids or something! Its Horrible and not Funny at All!!!

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