Lil Xan Pulls Gun on Man Taunting Him About Tupac ‘Boring’ Remark | TMZ

Lil Xan whipped out a handgun and pointed it at a man who demanded to know why the rapper once called Tupac "boring" … and now LAPD is investigating.


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  1. Seemed like this dude got scared for just a millisecond n then he remembered it was lil xan again .

  2. Jesus Christ can you imagine getting smoked by lil xan?? I don’t think my parents would even come to my funeral if that happened to me 😂😂

    • But this guy obviously snitched on Lil Xan if he uploaded it to TMZ, so he was obviously scared.

    • @Basey TM you are the only one who wouldn’t have the choice and this!!! THIS is the worst!!!

    • @Trey Diggz stop it, really?!!
      So this young man is a gang member??? An ex inmate??? 🤔 😳🥺
      Don’t use a word you don’t fully understand the meaning of as well as everything it is linked to, thank you.
      This “snitch” as you call him is also the kind of person you would really hope for and appreciate if someone had a glock RIGHT NEXT TO YOU while you fill you tank or come back from the gas station building in question with a fresh drink, food (???) your girl, maybe kids and a lunatic chooses to show someone that he’s carrying and ready (not in this case, we laugh at it a lot but we wouldn’t if he had chosen to unload the thing all around…) to blow sh*t up.
      This guy didn’t even know the turd was packed, he did his civilian duty, case closed.

    • He doesnt have the balls to shoot a sewer rat
      .probably a fucking cap gun
      I hope the cops mistake it for a real one and shoot that troll..better off dead with one is his scribbled brain dead head

  3. Just imagine how weak you would feel when you pull out a gun and people still laughing at you

  4. You can tell Lil Xan the typa guy to stand in the mirror for hours pulling his gun out on his reflection 😂 😂

  5. He really pointed the gun at his own face when he was in the car who tf let him buy a gun

    • @Lil Ra Ra Even then. Hispanic is not a race. Xan looks mostly Spanish. Meaning white. Most Mexican are either part Indian or fully Indian. Around 15 – 20% of Mexicos population is more white and to a lesser extent fully white.

    • @greg owensby jr around 30 to 35% of Cuba’s population is Castizo (meaning more white genetically). So its not a rare thing at all for a Cuban to be a white guy

    • Violaz how does it make him racist because literally at my school I heard whites and Mexicans use the n word but the one with the a at the end

  6. The most non committed/lazy way to pull a gun on someone, lookin like a toddler holding a gun…

    • @Caitlin Wolf

      ewatch trhe video and reread the initial comments. It was about _earthly_ firearm handling safety
      It was you,yourself, who brought it up the misleading idea of fearing God. That will lead to the death eternal.
      Turn back now and lead not others into that realm of darkness

  7. Bruh imagine getting capped by Lil Xan☠️
    That would be the ultimate embarrassment to your family

  8. Xan lucky dude wasn’t strapped he could’ve blew down xan right there and got away w it on self defense🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. “look at my car” and then gets in the passenger seat PMSL 😂😂😂

  10. And he claimed he was about to be attacked… This little punk needs to be charged. You can’t use a gun to threaten someone because you are offended by a remark.

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