A$AP Rocky and Crew Allegedly Attack Guy on Street in Stockholm | TMZ

A$AP Rocky and his crew pummeled a guy in Sweden, leaving him battered and bloodied in the street … according to witnesses on the scene.


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  1. You can clearly tell the difference between the people who know the whole story and the people who don’t in this comment section lmao

  2. LMAO drug addicts Afghans who sexually assaulted girls fight with Rocky lol i knew they weren’t Swedish before i even watched the video.

    • In your Dream World you pleb, in your Dreams xD . He just compared Swedes to afghans and said swedes are worse xD lol disillutional or what…@AI GALA

  3. This is the most satisfying thing to watch after seeing the video of them harassing asap

  4. So so satisfying.

    Immigrants to Sweden are a protected breed of people, it just creates problem.

    Only folks with extreme entitlement act in the way they did.

  5. If 50 Cent or The Game were out there in that situation, lights out……
    ASAP got patience…..

    • @Benjamin KoskinenI watched the entire vid, I see the kid repeatedly annoying them, and not only following them, but repeatedly in their personal space

    • @Benjamin Koskinen he could of just left, but he kept coming back for more. So I disagree asap did not deserve this. He asked the guy to stop

    • Benjamin Koskinen don’t say that he started attacking him first he should’ve never started something he couldn’t finish

  6. at first i was like “swedes dont do that” but then i saw the whole video and i’m like “oh an arab migrant, that explains everything.”

  7. ASAP was patient enough I feel satisfied after watching this they deserved it MOTHERFUKERS

    • Spying on your history There’s a new video showing Ricky’s bodyguard assaulting him first and breaking his headphones, which caused him to follow and ask for his name to report it to the police. This completely contradicts Ricky’s statement, look it up it’s on TMZ

    • Welcome to Sweden! Thanks for your unecessary war in Afghanistan so you sent those plebs to my country… Thank you

    • Oliver 2000 Must Be A Foreigner in his Country and Gets But Hurt anytime an Immigrant is talked about Dude if you feel some type of way we don’t care

    • Interesting but just remember the “experts” are also the jury pool. So next time you get a jury duty notice GO! Unless of course you have already served on a number of cases or called for jury duty numerous times!

  8. Honestly wtf TMZ. u should have shown the full truth behind this clip. This isn’t everything and gets people all confused

    • @Noah Agboinfi Hadn’t come out? Or was it that the media didn’t want to spread that information. Besides, TMZ still had the video up and the other video was out at the time of my comment…so what is your point?…Go ponder that a little…

  9. TMZ Asap told the guys “ we not trying to fight yall. … we not trying to go to jail” show the whole thing …

    • @courtesy55 What we saw is that the dudes was being annoying.
      If something happened before, when you’re told to leave and you decide to add fuel to the fire, don’t complain if you get beat up.

      I know the laws are the laws, but it was deserved and it’s not a crazy act of violence, they were being morons with everybody on the street.

    • @Charles Masclef so if i alter your last paragraph here. to be:”deserved and it’s a crazy act of violence!”
      you mean that it’s okay because that is what other people are going to be seeing! you don’t believe in that yourself i know that!

    • Charles Masclef ”dont complain if you get beat up” well dont complain if u face time after prison beating someone up

    • @onni rosberg Totaly agree.
      But still, don’t complain when you act like a moron and get beat up after you hit somebody.

  10. They were harassing them constantly and wouldn’t leave when they tried to be polite and asked them to leave then the guy also assaults ASAPs security like he deserved what he got 100%

    • Luckiest Ever yup. And 3-4 guys over one 130lb guy doesnt look good in rockys situation

    • Hes security doing what security supposed to do when people are being pest. He couldve choked him out a push is there to let him know he’s overstepping his boundaries.

    • Im with rocky here, I’ve seen the whole clip and those two guys were just following him constantly. Those two guys were acting weird. I would have lost my temper before these guys did.

    • These kids are obviously crazy shits, the only way to get rid of them is a punch to the face so they fully deserved it, especially after sexually harassing those girls.

  11. What were these jerks thinking? Provoke until punched, and then sue? They should also be charged for the initial harassment.

    • i praise the lord, i praise the lord.
      i take, whats mine, then break, the jaw, it rains, it pours, it rains, it pours

  12. Nice one asap. Those two deserved it especially after they sexually assaulted the two girls.

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