Surveillance Video Shows Cuba Gooding Jr. Put Hand on Accuser | TMZ

Cuba Gooding Jr. definitely touched the thigh and breast of the woman accusing him of groping — it's clear in this surveillance video obtained by TMZ — but his attorneys seem to be interpreting the video much differently from police.


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    • @theisisreincarnate Mens clubs get taken to court (for being sexist) for not allowing women. Womens clubs don’t get taken to court because men are not interested in joining a womens club.

    • @Archipocalypse BloodThorne She may have been suggesting a threesome and Cuba was checking the goods. Then Cuba said sorry, no good, and she got insulted.

    • sean wade nothing sexual at all! Some bloody horrible people in the world wanted to wreck people’s lives !

    • @eliserio Cuba felt up the w rong chick. All others been letting him get away with it. He need to slow down on the drinking.

    • Sexual harrassment is everything nowadays looking at a woman at work touching them in an appropriate way but they dont like it but with the looking at woman part it’s in the bible women need to dress accordingly to not attract the attention of men so by gods laws women are breaking the law to get men to break human laws and what I said about women dressing that’s not the exact wording of it

  1. She wasn’t in distress, she follows him to a different room. She’s looking for a payday!

    • @Hayley A There is only “proof” he touched her leg. If she felt assaulted she would have immediately left and not only did she not she then proceeded to go with him to a private room. Clearly after the fact she started thinking of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    • If you watch The Geographical Channel. You will notice that her behaviour is exactly The same like a Hyenas.She wants a pay check.

  2. Runs up and sits right beside him. I also love how basically the *whole room* is all over him, grabbing/hugging/etc probably without _his_ consent; but yeah he’s the bad guy here.

    • @I LOVE YOU He’s not innocent, he touch her at least two times in this video. I really like Cuba as an actor, but the video don’t lie. I guess he and his lawyers are going to try to spend this some other way well good luck. The jury is going to see this video and all their going to see is him touching this woman.

    • @Jill T. Well he played right into her hands, her touch her at least two times. Everyone should look at the video again.

    • @MERTICE BALAM There are various subtlties in our society… women are now BEING allowed to use them as a reason to ruin a mans life. she invaded his private space and should do prison time for making false accusations… that should be the punishment for false false accuaations 30 years

    • @MERTICE BALAM You’re just being messy and dramatic. This reminds me of a case here in Tallahassee, FL where a groupie continuously followed FSU football players. She idolized the well respected football players but it apparently was an obsession since she, herself, chose to be in their personal space all the time. AND THEN ONE DAY she followed one of them, by her own choice, into their apartment AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED 🤔 She accused one of them of rape and demanded money. DON’T FOLLOW SOMEONE AROUND AND ACCUSE THEM OF A CRIME AFTER PUTTING YOURSELF INTO THAT SITUATION. You probably did it yourself. TF

    • @Jill T. For Cuba’s sake I hope it’s just me being messy and dramatic, because in a court of law, their not going to say, well look lady you invaded his space so he touched your thigh and fondle your breast, go to your room and get over it.

    • @lightspeed horse Believe all women! Believe all women! Believe all women!

    • No I have an better idea. Avoid all interactions with females at all cost. And if you see one walking towards you, turn and walk away as quickly as you can, making sure not to accidentally bump into another female on the way lol. And hope you don’t get charged for ignoring her.

  3. It seems like Cuban wasn’t giving the attention she wanted. She got pissed so she decided to make this false accusation.

    • ok but this isn’t a false accusation. a dumb law yes. but according to the law its credible. hence why they charged him.

    • To me it looks like this girl probably knows cuban. She comes and sit right beside his girl like she wasn’t even there. He touches her thigh with no response from her and he raise his hand and grab or touch her breast. The reason why I said he did it, look at how her hands come down on top cuban hands as if she was attempting to remove his hand and that’s when cuban raise his hand with her hands on top to kiss it. That’s what caused her to jerk her hand from him

  4. Smh. He was minding his business. He is talented and worked all his life. She saw $$$$. If she need a payday,get a job. Cuba stay positive and I pray they leave you alone. Girl KARMA is quick.

    • Pammy832002 yeah get a job or go slip and fall at your local supermarket!!! 😆

    • Believe all women! Believe all women! Believe all women! Believe all women! Cuba Gooding Jr. must go to jail for a long time. We cannot have women abusing swine like him walking the streets. Believe all women!

    • Look closer he’s really telling her to leave em alone.. he puts his hand on knee then puts it on her drink.. she tries to touch him n he grabs her that’s when white dude walk over to apologise

    • I sense that, too. She looks a little drunk, too. Look at the way she walks toward the security. It is as if she wanted to target Cuba. Why is she popping up everywhere he is?

    • Still looking for that tittys touch myself,,must me another video Tmz been watching

    • @Blanikk Blanikk Exactly & most men will reply too getting touched up when drunk too touching back ..

    • I was with yall I this..but then looked closer… On the second 27 his hand goes up to her breasts. I can’t tell if he’s rubbing them our what.. But she puts his hand on his and pushes our he pulls her hand to his mouth and kisses it. Thats when the tall white guy steps in.

    • But she would not do that to a brother with low figures. Get down.. Go ahead.. Get down…

  5. Title of this video should be THOT imposes herself Cuba Gooding and his date.

  6. Now that there is a video out there that proves ‘nothing’… what will this lady be charged with for having an innocent man shamed and arrested

  7. Wow. This is total b.s. this was a set up. I dont see anything inappropriate but some loose girls trying to follow and bait him.

  8. Man this is a complete joke this brother was in handcuffs for this really sexual assault wow 😮

    • Agreed and what’s even worse is taking up our time. Media has made us a bunch of dumb down sheep

    • @Mike Kel I can’t wait for the day when my people and I start getting called brown like we’re supposed to, but YEA THIS IS BULLSHIT!! XD

  9. 90% of the comments say this is Bullsh!t …the other 10% say its Horse Sh!t

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