Dorothy Wang Flips Over Bianca’s Hired Security | #RichKids of Beverly Hills | E!

Is the birthday girl overreacting about Bianca's body guard? See the duo go at it on "#RichKids of Beverly Hills"!


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#LifeisRich in this series that follows the extravagant lives of the 90210’s most elite young socialites who have gained internet celebrity (#InstaFamous) by documenting their glamorous daily happenings on social media. There is #nofilter that can hide the over-the-top drama of the #RichKids of Beverly Hills. In season 4 life continues to get richer. These kids aren’t kids anymore and some are even grown-up enough to be getting married. This season is all about The Rich, The Fabuluxe & A Wedding.

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Dorothy Wang Flips Over Bianca's Hired Security | #RichKids of Beverly Hills | E!


  1. Now Bianca tried it. What does Dorothy have to be jealous of? Her father is a billionaire. She IS the Joneses. Dorothy can buy Bianca and her entire family and then some if she wanted to. Magic is worth more than half a billion dollars. No one in that room is jealous of her. Ezra comes from very long money. She’s not the daughter of Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, George Soros, Armancio Ortega, Mike Bloomberg, or Larry Ellison. No one’s thinking about kidnapping or doing anything to that girl. She needs to chill….

    • You know what I meant. The point is is that Ezra’s family is of a higher financial caliber than Bianca’s. Yes since I’ve written my comment I found that his family has accrued a great deal of their wealth from real estate. He was on Rich Kids of Instagram saying if he didn’t secure something soon that he’d have to go back to Indonesia to work for his parents.

    • strawberriesncandii you do have a good point but I don’t think it has anything to do with that

    • strawberriesncandii I really don’t think that Bianca is jealous if I were her I wouldn’t be jealous ether I would just be happy at least I’m not poor

  2. I don’t see the big deal…. Was it extra? Yes. Did she seriously need a security guard? No. But, its her money and her life I don’t see how its causing any of them to lose sleep at night. Jonny and Morgan are just stirring the pot as usual and creating unnecessary drama being the nasty and messy queens that they are.

    • +Chanel S But it’s Dorothy’s birthday and that huge man was making everyone uncomfortable. When she went to Bianca’s birthday she didn’t roll with security. Dorothy could have because she comes from a more prominent family than Bianca. You don’t bring random people to an event as a guest without asking the host. That’s just rude. If that was the case then Dorothy, Ezra, and EJ could have brought their’s too.

    • +galemoy Exactly! Like girl if you were invited to someone’s house would you bring someone without permission? If so, then you need some home training.

  3. Am I the only one who finds it ridiculous that Jonny all of a sudden hates Bianca because the majority of the group does???

  4. why would she be jealous.. she is 300x richer than Bianchi omg she’s so stupid

    • Dorothy could hire 10 body guards to protect herself from Bianca’s bf. lol her comebacks were so stupid

  5. What’s wrong with this Bianca chick…she is so on the defensive suddenly

  6. Everyone on the show is more known than Bianca so I don’t get why SHE would need security

  7. Wow. Kyle Richard’s daughter didn’t once Cry or make all the drama about her… I guess the apple DOES fall far from the tree, haha.

  8. is there such a thing as Humility Camp? if so, these “kids” need to go

  9. It’s offensive to bring your own security to a party. She could have met him at the club. Lol they were jumping on her for any reason though bc she’s a threat to Dorothys friendship with Morgan.

  10. why is everyone trippin? if she wants to pay for her own security or whatever that’s really not gonna effect anything or anyone else. maybe her parents want x-tra security for a reason u know nothing about.

  11. Why did they have to ruin the show by making it about other people, like Bianca and Taylor? The show was supposed to be about Morgan and Dorothy for a reason!

    • At least MJ brought in some fun and humor. Out of the new ones… he is the only one with a personality..

  12. Jonny instigated that whole situation. Jonny is the messiest person on the show and he doesn’t even carry baby wipes to clean himself off after. The night was going 100% fine and then here goes Jonny creating a mess he can’t clean up🙄

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