Halle Berry To Baby Daddy- Stop Straightening My Daughter’s Hair! | TMZ

Halle takes Gabriel Aubry to court saying he’s trying to make their daughter appear “less black”

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Halle Berry To Baby Daddy- Stop Straightening My Daughter’s Hair! | TMZ



    • I would go crazy if someone sñdid this to my child (if i had one 😁). My parents always consulted each other on stuff like that , they allowed to start wearing eye and only eye make up until i was 15 because they were worried about the damage it would cause to my skin so just imagine if either of them showed up with a proccesed hair on a toddler .

    • I don’t really know why people discuss obvious things. American people are blind i guess. The only place in the world where Halle Berry would be considered black, is in America and her head lol Please get a grip people.

    • Robins you’re dumb. Halle Berry looks like a regular girl down the road in Soweto South Africa and all these bitches here are 100% black.

      You talk about face features as if all black people have the same features. The only thing white about Halle is her none existing butt.

  1. We always criticize celebrities that don’t look natural but now we see a mother that wants her daughter to look natural and it’s a problem. Just smh

  2. How can he be trying to make their daughter white when she is white?… She’s biracial and white is a part of it, she’s not all black and certainly not all black considering her mother. If he used chemicals he’s an idiot but if he has someone use a flat iron it’s like.. big deal. As long as he’s not doing it often it won’t matter. I have curly hair myself and prefer it to be curly for the health of it.

    Also, I doubt he lightened her hair, her father is blonde (and probably has the gene for it anyway if it’s dyed) so it’s not surprising if the child has darker hair that turns lighter. (some times it’s the opposite). My niece’s father is very mixed and very light himself – her hair was dark and now it’s mostly blonde.

    She’s just looking for a reason to call him a bad father instead of actually caring about her child’s well being.

    • sãʀɖôռʏx âʟաåʏs I’m mixed with black and I’ve never considered myself black,

    • The problem was that her father is ashamed of his daughters skin color and and to make her more appealing to the eye he straighten her hair so she looks more white than mixed or black (whatever you want to call it) he has said and showed many times how he’s ashamed that his daughter is black and when I say black I’m saying her SKIN IS BLACK NOT HER! I acknowledge that’s she mixed.

    • sãʀɖôռʏx âʟաåʏs jus have 2say my daughter is half white/half black,, not white, not black, bi-racial! Im not sure if ur American but my child when asked is bi-racial and I find that americans are still on this one drop b.s.. im in canada and im sick of hearing one person think they can speak on behalf of a whole race! Im white, I carried her in my body ,fed her , took care of her and made her into the successfull woman she is today! I shouldnt be acknowledged? Lol,, NEVER!

    • U r so right but have to say in a lot of videos I ve seen with Halle and her daughter she’s got some fresh mouth in front of her kid jeez Halle no class

    • Shailey Higginson Ms Higginson the real problem here is they are teaching her to hate at least 75 percent of her self she was born with blond hair is that a black trait NO if Ms berry did not want a “white”baby DON’TSLEEPWITHWHITEMEN!!!!! I think the child is a beautiful American and should be proud of that I no I am I wish this little girl luck having shitty parents buy the way Ms berry no one thinks your daughter is white how could she be is she not your kid you are probably only like 30 percent black and guess what we can tell stupid

    • Roberta Swenson
      I’ve seen Blacks in the South Pacific with natural blond hair, no race mixtures, no transatlantic slave trade. They are black, it’s obvious, and not even fair skinned.

    • Halle is the one with an history of relationship issues not to mention issues with the fact that her black father abandoned her, her white mother raised her but she identifies as black, clearly showing her messed up mind. Calling her ex scum based on her claims is a foolish.

    • The mother is a jerk and doesn’t want the child to embrace her heritage. The child is half Dutch, Italian, French, or whatever the father genealogy is. Is every mixed child supposed to totally ignore one half of her biology? The child loves daddy n grandma so in turn wants guys to look like them occasionally

  3. facts straight, he used chemicals to bleach the hair and straightened it which is not safe on a kid period! you all know that chemicals are toxic on kids!!

    • African Americans have been relaxing their own children’s hair, for many, since elementary school. It was too far then, but now it’s too far? Plus as a kid my hair would turn Golden from the sun so is there facts that he dyed her hair

    • You don’t know anything about Halle Berry apparently. Because if you knew anything about her you would know that’s not true.

    • Halle Berry has always been a role model for women and ppl of color, and even is trying to instill the same black pride in her child. You are obviously not a Halle Berry fan, that’s far from factual.

    • day dream, Halle Berry is black. Even though she has a White Mother. In case you didn’t learn this in Bio or Science class. Black is a dominant gene and White recessive gene. She’s clearly a light skinned black woman. And, when ppl look at her they can clearly see she’s a woman of color. So, what are you talking about. That make’s no sense.

  4. It’s just the point where little girls need to stay little girls. Straightening a babies hair is inappropriate to me. It’s to much of a grown up gesture for a child

  5. Isn’t this the same guy that would call her a the N word when they argued? Halle please hold this L

    • Halle only makes those claims EVERY TIME a white man breaks up with her—you have to admit there is something funny about that

    • veronica carlson every white man? What are you talking about. She’s dated more black men than white men.

    • goodbyehoes….did I say every white man? No I didn’t….what’s your point. I said every TIME….probably actually only seems like every time. I don’t know what race she has dated and neither do you. The longer term relationships result in the same complaint though, that’s for sure.

  6. TMZ totally misrepresented Halle on this one as if she was the crazy one. Wasn’t the reason they weren’t together BECAUSE he was using all kinds of racial slurs towards her? I like how they neglected to even bring that up in this story…kind of important and brings her actions into proper context. She doesn’t want her daughter to be ashamed of being part black, since her father obviously is…

    Not sure why he would even date a woman who was half black, knowing how he felt about black people, but it’s not unheard of.

    • Folks plenty of people hide racist views when they want to get with someone sexually and yes it was chemically straighten
      She has the right to object to that maybe if you were black you would get it. She left. Him because of racist slurs so stop thinking you get it race is complex they melign people so much for even suggestion of us calling any conduct racist. Well this country is on the verge of a race war because of white denials watch. Don’t say no one told you

    • Elle D thank you for interjection realty racism is complex and I too am mixed that does not mean I don’t have the right to insist on respect for my children’s African heritage

    • Elle D great reply I will use it thanks sick of being mocked for calling out wrongs

    • Darklustmoonchild A hot straightener is not fine for a little girl of color being done by one White parent, and sends a very bad message. She is a little girl of color & should be able to rock the natural curls God bestowed upon her. And be encouraged by her Father to love her natural beauty. Handsome Low Life Loser he is….👱🏻‍♂️

    • Darklustmoonchild relaxers depend my hair started growing faster

  7. Halie should stop straighten her own hair (never mind daughter) if she’s got a problem with “looking white”

    • Amira Amira – Very true. Quite a contradiction. With her straightening her own curls. 😈

    • yeah agree with that Lisa Toro kids shouldnt be put through those types of stupid beauty routines they’re children let there hair be natural and beautiful. And Amira Amira i dont think she has a problem with :”looking white” its about changing her daughter natural look to look more white then she is because she is mixed not white ALSO Halle berry doesnt look whiter with straight hair her daughter on the other hand would, and again kids shouldnt be put in make up sexy clothes or have straightner chemicals or anything done to their hair except a good combing. THEY ARE KIDS let them be exactly that.

    • Doesn’t matter. Halle is an adult. This is a child. Can you be so stupid??

    • my thing is though she does have some color to her complexion ultimately she looks very racially ambiguous! I couldn’t really tell one way or another If i didn’t know who I was looking at. furthermore, Halle mother is white and her grand-daughter is certainly growing up in white Hollywood so culturally she’ll never be black anyway! I say he has no worries! plently of white girls have naturally curly hair with olive colored skin! lol

    • yeah idk the situation but i dont think Halle berry has a natural fro from all the pictures ive seen of her as a child she has curly wavy hair but not like the really tight small kinky curls that give you that serious fro. just saying. i would straighten my daughters hair even with a straightner they are young they don;t need all that at that age, besides they learn from us i would think it would send the message that i would need to straighten my hair even if he never verbally said it action speak louder than words.

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