IMPOSSIBLE REMIX – Pirates of the Caribbean Medley

Ever wanted to learn to play the piano? This is a very easy and quick way:
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© Transcription – BobGmbH & Mariovereherer
© Arrangement – BobGmbH
© If by chance you are the copyright holder of any of the footage or material used in this video just write me an email at: and I will delete the video as soon as possible.


    • +Jerry He cpt Jack Sparrow The Master Mind of Crime, Piracy and some more
      have th BEST TEXTS EVER! FOR EVER!

    • It look like the one that once did the wanting suddenly wants to be wanted
      by a different wanting that has a want to wanting that has never been
      wanted for the sake of wanted-ness. Ehh?

  1. is this guy using his toes too? some parts have over 13 notes played at

    • +StanleyWong Tube
      Its called IMPOSSIBLE for a reason, dude. So nope, you wont.

    • its not impossible i juts did it and posted the video check out my chanel
      for it

    • I agree, what u do in your video is pretty nice BUT: Its not the same remix
      you are playing. Just play both in different tabs at the same time and you
      will see what i mean this one here is much more difficult.

    • +Galen “TheTigerClaw” Marek thanks for the comment and yes i know it is not
      exactly the same but it was pretty hard tho and so was the radioactive one

    • +M Perez no, its all played by computer, however most people dont realize
      that its possible to use multiple people on one piece, circus galop was
      covered with 3 on one piano

    • +G6 J Man Games the first line is enough, I already know it is made by a
      program before I typed the original comment, I very much appreciate the
      song why do you think I want to learn it?

  2. basically to play this you need 4 hands, a head, and full face of

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