Johnny Depp Goes Off on Amber Heard… Hurls Wine Glass | TMZ

Johnny Depp went crazy on Amber Heard in their kitchen, throwing a wine bottle and glass … and she videotaped it.
We're told the video was shot months before the May 21 incident in which Amber claims Johnny struck her.
Amber asks Johnny if he drank a bottle of wine and tries to calm him down. She says she was sorry for something although she was not specific.
Johnny isn't having it, and appears out of control. After throwing the glass and bottle, you see him swiping at Amber's phone … trying to get it from her.

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Johnny Depp Goes Off on Amber Heard… Hurls Wine Glass | TMZ


  1. This would have been much better if it was directed by Tim Burton and co-starred Helena Bonham-Carter.

    • Soul Flower yeah being pissed off(and the cause is apparently not related to amber heard, which is what she wanted people to think.) is not illegal, filming it is.

    • +Møca Lykke being drunk is not an excuse! sorry I caused this car crash, I was drunk lol. you shouldn’t drink if it makes you aggressive

    • +SkoczMiNaPukiel – Yes, because “sorry I caused this car crash, I was drunk” and “sorry I broke that piece of my own furniture, I was drunk” are exactly the same thing…
      Driving while drunk is ILLEGAL, drinking while you are a grown man in your own home isn’t.
      I’m not saying it’s a good thing, I’m not saying it’s smart, but it’s certainly not any of our business. People suffering from alcoholism have a problem and they need help, not judgment from a bunch of complete strangers on the internet.
      And people here aren’t arguing over whether or not he has a problem with alcohol, which I would probably agree with, but over whether or not he’s abusive. On that case, I’ve never said that being drunk was any excuse, only that this video doesn’t prove anything of the sort. It only proves that even drunk, alone with her and apparently in a fit of rage, he _didn’t_ touch or threaten her in any way, neither did he kept her from leaving. (And no, the phone doesn’t count, being recorded against your knowledge in a private place is illegal and most people would’ve reacted the same way.)

    • +Selena William people can get angry and kick/slam/throw stuff. he never even touched her. wtf are you talking about. everyone can get this angry…literally EVERYONE.

    • +Gabriela Radeva Yeah his behavior may not be the best, but this is certainly not a video of him throwing a wine bottle or wine glass at her, nor is it a video of him physically assaulting her. If he was doing it at any point this video doesn’t prove it. Doesn’t even come close.

    • which comments and why? Are you talking about the people who fell for this bs and accused an innocent man? I always knew something wasn’t right with this case and Amber was full of it

  2. She was recording this. She was setting him up when he was obviously going through something disturbing. If anything, this shows what kind of person she is not him. He’s drunk and possibly angry or sad. He was kicking and slamming cupboards. I have slammed cupboards myself when I am angry. He showed NO any abuse here. NONE! He did not even touch her. This is not abuse, this is normal anger. PERIOD.
    SHE USED HIM. His name, money and fame and people let her get away with all because she is a woman. Yall stink.

    • +oh – but theres literally a bunch of different evidence he has provided like video evidence and even managing him to have surgery on his finger? not to mention witnesses?

    • +ZedIsZee did you read anything he said? Amber Heard already submitted that evidence years ago that he cut off his own finger to scare her. Now he’s trying to turn the story. If theres truly so much evidence (so not just a picture of his finger) and witnesses, why don’t you link me to a source?

    • +oh –   I saw the thing about that evidence as well. It says there are about 87 surveillance videos and eyewitness (plus other stuff like photos I think?), 2 being policeman, that support Depp. Maybe you should look at this case and think that maybe, just maybe, this time the woman wasn’t being abused and was the abuser. People tend to forget that men can be victims of domestic abuse too, and it’s just less common that a woman abuser is physically abusive rather than majorly emotionally manipulative and abusive in cases where the abuser is female. Also I’m pretty sure I read that she confessed under oath to abusing him so…

      I agree with what OP said though. If this was just after finding out his mother had died, (and I saw someone else who said he had also just been scammed out of a few million dollars?) he’s obviously not going to be in a healthy frame of mind and it looks like he might be at least a little drunk. He was kicking walls and slamming cupboards, but he wasn’t screaming and shouting. He didn’t touch her, didn’t shout at her and didn’t throw anything at her. He was obviously mad and upset, but who wouldn’t be? Grief can be ugly, but this video doesn’t actually show any evidence he was the abuser. Sure, it doesn’t excuse shitty behaviour as someone else mentioned, but the circumstances of the situation do make the difference. Death of a loved one causing shitty behaviour is very different to just shitty behaviour because you’re mad.

      Not to mention, and surely I’m not the only one who thought it seemed off, the way Amber spoke was weird. “I just woke up, and you were so nice and sweet” why say that? Her tone was strange and it’s an odd thing to say and unusually specific. And she’s constantly saying “nothing happened this morning”, which if he just found out his mother died, obviously something did happen, and says “we weren’t even fighting, all I did was say sorry”. It’s obviously worded in a way to make it seem like Depp is unreasonably mad about something/at her for no reason. And the way she brought attention to the bottle Depp was drinking from. Her tone and way of saying things in the video was strange and to me it makes it look fake and like she was taking advantage of him not being in a good frame of mind to advance her abuse accusations. She also sold this video, which says something about it and her.

    • +Emrys The Blue so give me a source? Give me a reliable source where its confirmed that theres indeed 87 surveillance camera’s and witnesses. I mean, it wouldn’t be hard to find if there was and yet I can’t find anything except for Depps claims?

      And it really is something to criticize an abuse victim the way she was speaking. She was probably speaking in a low voice and saying that nothing happened to calm him down. I was abused and I did the same thing to my abuser.
      He was screaming and once the video goes out, he probably grabbed her phone which is physical. Also, have you maybe considered the way she brought attention to the bottle and his behaviour bc she finally saw a chance to film his abusive behaviour and thought maybe he was gonna be physically abusive so you could have proof? I completely understand that because I was stalked by my ex and the police only believed me once I was taken against my will, raped and almost murdered. But no, y’all go out of your way to blame the abuse victim. Perfect.

      And if you react that way to the death of a loved one, you’ll react that way to other things that make you angry. It’s simple psychology.

      But I get that y’all wanna believe your fave Male idol because they can do no wrong.

      Again, show me a source. I have given multiple. I want yours.

  3. This is called gaslighting, people. It’s a form of manipulative abuse and women are more likely to use it than men are.

  4. Amber Heard is the real abuser. Recent evidence showed that she faked her own “evidence” against Johnny Depp. She also physically abused him. But the mainstream media probably won’t even mention this.

  5. johnny had just found out his mother had died and he’d been scammed for several million dollars when this was filmed. amber had also clearly been winding him up. the only thing he abuses in this is the furniture. amber heard was the abuser, not him.

    • Really? I didn’t know that was the context for this video. I was wondering why he was mad but I guess now I know. I’d probably be kicking walls and violently opening and closing cupboards too if that happened to me…. and I always thought the way she was acting in this was strange.

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