Morgan Stewart Confronts Bianca in Las Vegas | #RichKids of Beverly Hills | E!

The"#RichKids of Beverly Hills" stars' sit down get super-awkward when Bianca brings up more drama! Watch.


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#LifeisRich in this series that follows the extravagant lives of the 90210’s most elite young socialites who have gained internet celebrity (#InstaFamous) by documenting their glamorous daily happenings on social media. There is #nofilter that can hide the over-the-top drama of the #RichKids of Beverly Hills. In season 4 life continues to get richer. These kids aren’t kids anymore and some are even grown-up enough to be getting married. This season is all about The Rich, The Fabuluxe & A Wedding.

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Morgan Stewart Confronts Bianca in Las Vegas | #RichKids of Beverly Hills | E!


    • +Juan Mendez I think she called her a chunky Twinkie. That was messed up for her to say. Now this is something that would make someone get mad like how she got mad at Roxy.

    • +missbyrd92 That’s what I meant to say. My finger slipped. That was a disgusting thing to say and I don’t know how she put herself in a position to say that and why Dorothy is still friends with her. I was shocked that she said that racial slur.

  1. BIANCA IS NOT THE ONE!! She will take Morgan out she finally met her match Yasss Bianca slay

  2. When Bianca called her out Morgan drank her drink all the way to the bottom hahaha

    • Right. I just which Roxy was still there. I think her and Bianca would be besties.

    • Whaaaaat? She’s the only who brings the drama, and calls out people. If she wasn’t here, this season would’ve been a series following a Bridezilla.

  3. You cannot afford to miss the next episode of #RichKids! Thumbs up if you are tuning in on Sunday at 10|9c on E! 💸📺😍

  4. Morgan: “I’m so sorry about it that I don’t know how to express it to her…(Dorothy)”

    In other words Morgan isn’t going to apologize and is just sorry that she got caught saying it by Bianca :/

  5. Everyone saying Bianca slayed Morgan needs to watch the episode with Morgan’s bachelorette

  6. wow! cant remember the last season that I watched this show.

    PS. Bar lighting was bad on Morgan’s face. The thumbnail made her looks like she’s a 40 yr old Mom lol

  7. Only in America you are made “popular” for being an horrible humanoid.

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