Nick Lachey — The Best Part of Divorcing Jessica Simpson? | TMZ

Nick Lachey says the best part about being divorced from Jessica Simpson is that he no longer has to play grab ass under the table with her father … PAPA JOE!! The interview is rather touching if you ask us …

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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Nick Lachey — The Best Part of Divorcing Jessica Simpson? | TMZ


  1. I work at TMZ. Today me and some old man laughed at some guy’s sweater while a pile of interns nervously chimed in. I am a useless individual.

  2. lol, he was refering to jessica. Cus Joe’s a ”pastor”,so he had to sneak lil grabs under the table folks!! but i also believe he’s a lil ”fruity”.

    • TMZ is stupid. This is about Nick trying to grab his wife….not Joe grabbing nick…duh….

    • CaapriceTube a lil fruity ? Really ? He’s as gay as it gets almost flamboyant with it lol. And nick was definitely referring to the dad and it’s obvious ..

    • +B Smith shes smart. She built an empire. Look up her net worth. While u thinking she dumb n on social media. Shes securing the bags. Shes very very smart. Lol. Plus that has nothing to do w what he said about his father in law.

    • +Anne McGill no pre nup was signed he had a little more than her. But by first couple months of marrige she had endorsements n she immediately started making more than him. Just like jz n beyonce.

    • +lettymel23 you should check her networth. She has way more money now than she did when she was with Nick. Look at her networth in 2009 n look at 2018 . lol. She stopped doing music to raise her kids. If u watched the show she said when i have children im retiring and raising my own kids!!! She just sticks to her cmmittments. She wanted to marry first b4 sex she did! She wanted to raise her kids shes doung it! She wanted to lose weight she did? Pl really get caught up n those reality shows. Jessica is very smart. Very intelligent. And she a nice young lady!

  3. jessica dad never fooled no one but he’swife and kids, everyone can see he gay but his family,

    • Holly Golightly IF HE IS EVEN IN THE CLOSET. Just because some fake news gossip rag prints words like “sources say”, “alleged”, and other such bullshit words does not mean that he has done or is guilty of anything. So far he has denied ever being with a man. His family members say it is a lie. Maybe they are covering up something. Maybe not. However, this person that is ACCUSED of being “BI” is innocent until proven guilty. That is unless you are a demonRAT=ISIS member. Then you are allowed to be accused of anything by any source and be adjudged guilty unless you can prove you are innocent. Maybe he is in the closet but he is still”BI”—not gay.

    • itsjemmabond “Bi” is being attracted to both sexes–normally sexual attraction. It has NOTHING to do with being in the closet.

  4. Nick 100% meant Joe not Jessica watch the episode of Watch What Happens Live, Nick later in the show outright says Joe’s touched him inappropriately but when Nick got mad tired to play it off as a joke.

    • film79 Shoot!! Who wouldn’t want to grab some of that fine man’s body! Lucky, that’s all he grabbed! Hahaha

  5. Rumor went around that he has a small penis. That’s most likely the reason why they divorced…. Lol…

  6. I bet Jessica is probably thinking that divorcing Nick was the best thing ever!!!!

    • Yeah nick said grab as on easter sunday. Cuz theyre religious. So he was doing that to his wife under the table so Joe wouldnt c him. But when trouble maker Andy asked whats best thing about not having Joe as inlaw. He ahould have said i wasnt married to Joe so i have no issues with him. Dont dog the man. Because he negotiated all yall tv deals n hes reason u have money. His daughter gave u 17 mil cuz u asked for it n the divorce. N when u get married once marriage over u should never ask for ring back thats tacky!!! If u engaged n but dont get married, then yeah ask for ring. But when u were already married u keep ya band n she keep hers. She bought u a 55,000 watch for your 30th bday. Its yours. We cant start saying give me this back n that back. No no no. Take the 17 mil n step!###

    • I think Nick was the breadwinner becoz he was the bigger star when they married. Hence the pre-nup.

  7. The ppl in these comments are so dumb, he didn’t say anything bad about Jessica, barely anything about her at all. He said something about her dad. Who is now divorced from her mom and at that point there were rumors he was having an affair with a young male model.

  8. A father who talks about his daughter’s bra size needs counseling, Nick is spot on correct on that count.

  9. He married her for her brains, he’s now married to a marmoset with Down Syndrome.

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