Alia Shawkat Stands With Rep. Omar | TMZ

We also got "Arrested Development" star Alia Shawkat in L.A. Tuesday … and she too told us why she's standing with the embattled Rep. from Minnesota.


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  1. It is absolutely possible to be anti-Israel without being anti-Semitic; Pro-Palestine and Pro-Semitic. I am against certain policies carried out by our government. It doesn’t make me Anti-Christian or Anti-American. Anybody who has lived in the Middle East knows there and plenty of Israelis and Palestinians who want to live peacefully. The majority of those who want peace are those under 30 and don’t understand why their parents’ generation chooses to live in such ways that deny the freedom to exist of those they deem “the other”. I saw so many youth on both sides have the ability to see what their parents cannot and choose not to see. May God bless Palestine and Israel; Arabs and Jews. Muslim, Jews, Christians and all the beautiful people of the Holy Land.

    • Fat ASMRtist Israel was prophesied in the Bible thousands of years before it happened because it was Gods covenant. Being anti-Israel is anti-God. In Genesis, God says he will bless those who bless the Jewish people and curse those who curse the Jewish people. What side will you be on?. This is the part where you laugh like a mental patient.

  2. We should NEVER have Practicing Muslims in our government. Our Constitution is in compliance contradiction with Sharea Law! She definitely is putting Muslim faith ahead of the country, cause that’s what they do. They are tribal but have no pride or loyalty to our country or ANY COUNTRY for that matter. And this is why wherever they are they leave garbage & filth!

    I believe the ONLY Loyalty they have is for their complete & total hatred for the Jewish people. They pay terrorists families rewards for every Jew they kill…in Palestine!

    It’s part of Sharea Law to Lie, Cheat & Steal from Infidels. It’s part of Sharea Law to Kill Gays! They believe they are doing the Gays a favor! A woman is only 1/3 citizen & MUST get permission from a man to go outside.

    The Women (women’s march) & Gays have marched in favor of Shatea Law, which is really stupid. Just goes to show that we have a lot of BrainWashed & BrainDead people in this country. There are so many contradictions in their demands it makes normal people Sick. THEY ARE INSANE!


    • +Kings County Baby Israel- pro American pro America pro LGBTQ pro Christian pro women rights
      Somalia- anti American anti America anti Christian anti women rights anti- LGBTQ
      But she’s still proud of Somalia and being Somalian

    • Sharia simply means law.
      The tenants of Judeo-Christian ethos and legal foundations, are parallel to Abrahamic traditions – of which Islam is a part.
      There is no issue with requesting to raise certain issues for discussions, whether financial matters domestically or globally, in relation to the US.

    • +only sarcasm if you mean by women’s rights not killing babies that are born then you can keep your women’s rights. Women’s rights have been taken too far when you’re starting to kill babies that are already born. And anyone who thinks like that is pure evil

    • Susan Martin The truth is , the majority of people in the world believe Israel’s politics is messed up . Only stupid people like you justify the murder of innocent Palestinian innocent children and mothers . That is not being anti Semitic. That’s basic human rights !

  3. white men should stop hating on muslims so much. It doesn’t really effect us, it will be these woke feminist that will end up put in cages by poor muslims who they defend today.

    • What are you trying to say in your comment because it looks like it was written by a 5yo libtard lmao

    • Protoreste It doesn’t affect us? Look at Europe as the bellwether. Islam sure affects them and the Left allow it.

    • +88Crager
      Only when the left uses it I guess. When someone on the right uses hate speech, the left somehow feels like they have the right to punch that person in the face.

  4. Western feminist fighting for the right to have only half the rights as men? Mental illness LADIES even when feminist win they always lose. And if your still a democrat. Fight for the right to have less for over 100 years.

    • +Dudetteslove Under Islamic Sharia law, as Omar and apparently this Shawkat chick supports — women would have less than half the rights of men.

    • +MrAdrenaline1982 sharia law stating that women have less rights and also a source that directly states omar supporting that law policy of women having less rights.

    • +Dudetteslove Muslims say so and admit it and western women are complicit and like it. Sharia law . Your in denial.

    • How come you liberals always point out well spoken colored ppl? Why don’t you talk about what great teeth she has next, you racist.

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