“Ashlee+Evan” Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 | E!

Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Evan Ross hit the studio together, but a new acting role may derail their album plans. Watch!

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About Ashlee+Evan:
“Ashlee+Evan” will follow singer Ashlee Simpson Ross and her husband, actor and artist Evan Ross, as they balance life as new parents and aspiring musicians. Coming from two famous music families, Ashlee and Evan will take viewers inside the recording of their first duet album. Fans will see Evan’s rising stardom as well as Ashlee’s cautious return into the music world. They’ll face challenges in their everyday life and career, but the unwavering support from their legendary family and lifelong friends will keep them grounded.

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"Ashlee+Evan" Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 | E!


  1. Alot of you all on the comments are pathetic. So it’s boring because they’re not half naked or cursing!? Is that really all you expect from people? Drama Drama Drama?… Sad

  2. hes gonna regret passing the movie up the music business is so over populated sadly she needs to focus on her kids and his lucky movie roles.

  3. Wow not letting him do a movie and holding him back from doing what he loves to do smh not good

    • he literally just got home from another movie/show when he was offered that other role and he was only going to be home for three months so I see where she’s coming from, she was being this stay at home mom for their kids and passing up opportunities on music while he was doing what he loved to do and that was acting. sometimes in their world you have to sacrifice somethings like that to keep your relationship healthy and happy.. he would’ve needed to leave the next week for the movie when he just got back home so you can see where she was like what the heck..

    • Yeah but how could she be excited for someone else to be successful when she’s never been successful ever herself?

    • He had been gone for 6 months and back for what seems like only a couple days. And they started shooting the movie the next week. It’s not surprising that’s she’s not completely thrilled

  4. Marriage should be about compromising. She clearly guilt tripped him into not taking the role because she wants him to focus on the only thing she’s good at or think she is. His mother is Diana Ross so of course she wants to go the music route. Her reaction to him not taking the movie is going to lead to a road of resentment from him. This is not going to be the last time she pulls this stunt but it’s still too early in the marriage for him to see the tactics. When he finally does see it and wants her to stop she’s not going to know how because he’s allowing her to get away with it now. I seriously hope they make it.

  5. Whoa. He’s actually a really talented actor and she’s a mediocre singer at best. That’s messed up that she would hold him back, who does that?

  6. as a die-hard fan for 15 years, I am just glad that Ashlee decided to come back. we will see how it goes but as a fan, I am just happy and excited about everything. never thought she would come back. it’s not 2004 anymore and that’s kinda hart to realize but I will support her no matter what

  7. Wow…that seriously hurt my heart when she made him feel guilty about the movie role, then decides to pass on it based on her and her reaction. Not a good look for her.

  8. Evan is cute, love them both, they should support each other on their career choices! Especially Ashlee

  9. There is something really off about this show. She does not seem like she’s being genuine or authentic at all, it seems like she is trying way too hard in how she comes across for the cameras.

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