Bebe Rexha Slams Designers Who Won’t Dress Her Because of Her Size | TMZ TV

The curvalicious singer put the industry on blast!


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  1. *BEBE rexha we love you and we know you’re gonna stand out in Grammys and hopefully will win a Grammy too*

  2. It’s their loss not hers. Musicians are only supposed to be talented not thin and beautiful like models so refusing to dress her and get publicity for a design is a dumb move. It’s an honor to work with a musician than a model.

  3. I’ve seen far bigger women than her. A size 6-8 is overweight. Just because most Americans are overweight doesn’t mean a size 6-8 should be normal. You don’t have to be obese or have a gut and a turkey neck to be overweight. Its not just a look, its a weight index compared to your height. She’s overweight for her height and size. She doesn’t fit the model standard of beauty, size and weight. Other designers will fit her.

    • Tonia Ho My comment is based on FACT! Your comment is based on emotion. Size 6-8 is overweight. You don’t have to be 50 pounds overweight to be overweight. 5, 10, 20+ pounds is still overweight. Overweight is overweight, no matter how you look at it. That’s not an opinion, that’s a FACT! Designers dress women that fit their clothes the same as their models. CLEARLY she doesn’t fit that so she shouldn’t be crying. She can find other designers that can accommodate her. You couldn’t articulate a counterpoint so you had to resort to childish insults, proving my comment right. Remain emotional and stay in your feelings.

    • John Smith
      I fully agree with you, facts don’t care about your feelings. You’re going to trigger a lot of feminists and sjw with your comment, brace yourself.

    • Your comment is based on opinion, my comment is based on fact. Women’s dress size chart says 8 is medium for your information. Designers can’t make an outfit for her? Then why is Michael Costello willing to? It’s clearly cause the other designers refuse to not cause they can’t.

    • +John Smith except you can’t establish who is overweight by their clothes size. Sizes are not constant and are manipulated by brands. I believe VICE did a whole video about this. The only way to see if a person is overweight is by knowing their BMI. For someone who loves facts you sure don’t stick to them.

    • +John Smith also this whole “rationality over emotions” thing is not a good look for you. People who have studied neuropsychology know that you can’t have rationality without emotions. Unless you are a psychopath, you will always think and operate with emotions. Have you ever considered why you devalue so much this aspect of yourself?

  4. I still can’t get over the fact that these designers fight in-line to cloth, Nicki, Bey, Kim K, Oprah etc..but they can’t clothe Bebe? wtf!.

  5. what is the thing now? name shame? maybe she should name them all ..give them bad publicity?

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