Beyonce Video Fuels Fake Pregnancy Controversy | TMZ

After Beyonce's pregnant stomach appeared to fold over during a recent interview, many are beginning to suspect that she's FAKING THE WHOLE THING!

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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Beyonce Video Fuels Fake Pregnancy Controversy | TMZ


  1. I’m currently pregnant, I have tried to re-create this and there’s just no way her stomach would fold like that.

  2. and ppl still dont believe she faked the pregnancy.  she came back skinny than ever…

    • +Ileana Popescu +Joanna Fay Pearson and from all those videos and pics from the on the run tour that was the ONLY blurry one. I know yall noticed that too and what about her documentary when she never ever showed her face and belly together? Yall don’t believe this woman was pregnant either yall just want to

    • +brownisbeautifull
       These people live in Hollywood, the bare stomach can most certainly be faked. Does anyone watch movies or nah? Just saying.

    • Her and Jay Z used  surrogate… which is fine… which is why I think they closed down the entire hospital. but ppl always defend celebrities like they give any fucks about them

    • +Ssss the fact that they needed to close down a whole hospital says a lot. Its not that serious if she wasnt pregnant just dont be fake about it cause its not that serious

  3. her fans that after seeing this tell us how she was pregnent just aproves how pathetic they are.

  4. Why question this she had a fake pregnancy. NOOOOOO ONE who is truly pregnant sits down like that, HELL the girl stomach folded

    • LOL boy…ignorance is a hell of a drug. You’ve been smoking for a while, huh?

    • Foreverlove Green The report said, at around the same she was seen in a bikini on the beach. Do you think it was a feature film prosthetic?

  5. Every major network is going to back beyonce because she is part of this “special” society. She faked her pregnancy! Period. People are stupid.

  6. lmao… no pregnant woman would even sit down like that. I had to look this up again just for kicks and giggles lmao. Beyonce had a six pack like two weeks after giving birth… I’m sure she has great personal trainers but seriously lmao

    • Megan Fox has always taken good care of herself, and was almost immediately went back to her size after having her sons. But I do feel that Bey (even though I’m a fan) did fake it.

  7. “the dress folded not her stomach” People, the dress is form fitting…. Never seen a pregnant stomach deflate..

    What is this black magic.

  8. also remember beyonce apparently had the hopsital floor to herself while giving birth. must be to hide her surrogate.

  9. She started sitting before she even got to the chair..a normal prego mom knows that that move will land you in the hospital but since she’s never been prego she wasn’t aware of that…but if I were rich I wouldn’t carry my baby if I had a choice the only fun is the very short lived second trimester the first and last are pure misery…and the baby alway want to play soccer in the wee hours of the morning

    • laugh all you want coon , but he is a tranny. why fake the pregnancy? why rent an entire hospital floor when giving birth? fake pregnancy because its a tranny, and rent off an entire hospital floor because beyonce dont want anyone to see his surrogatemother.

      wake up

  10. I thought it was suspicious that Beyoncé made the hospital clear the two floors above her and the two floors below her just to “give birth” to Blue.

  11. as someone who has been pregnant and only recently learned of this Beyonce conspiracy…I was quite surprised at the way she sat, your belly changes the way you move and she was sitting like there was no belly there. Watch a pregnant lady, they don’t sit like this.

  12. it’s obvious she wasn’t pregnant and most likely used a surrogate. what I don’t understand is why hide something like that? there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a surrogate -whether it be due to her having past miscarriages, or just not wanting to affect her career by being pregnant, overweight, having limitations, etc. I don’t understand the secrecy and I’ve lost respect for her as a woman because of it. Pregnant womens’ bellies don’t fold, and you don’t sit down like that while pregnant. Bad prosthetic bump and not very good coaching by her public relations people.

  13. Something her deluded nutjob fans can’t argue is that when you are that far pregnant you can’t sit down that way. You can’t bend forwards and over. Nothing wrong with surrogacy. Everything wrong with lying and trying to pull the wool over folks eyes.

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