Body Cam Video Shows Lil Pump’s Shouting Match with Cops | TMZ

Lil Pump had an intense showdown with Miami cops — shouting back and forth — moments before they arrested him for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.


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  1. He should have just said yes sir your right 10x in a row and started dancing they probably would have let him go 🤔

  2. Clearly, the Cops knew who he was and wanted to bully him. Shout out Lil Pump for standing his ground!

    • +Will Pender He stood his ground and talked back. Most people would just stay quiet or passively disagree. He is facing a lot of armed police officers and I’m highly doubtful you’d have held your ground in similar fashion (you’d do what most of us do).

    • +Damien Holland you can say whatever the hell you want to a cop as long as they can’t prove what you’re saying to them is a real threat to the public or their safety. So yes I am glad he stood his ground

    • +Joy Nieves I agree that you can say whatever you want but they can still rough you up and lie that you were a threat if there are no cameras.

  3. So sad after all that has happened after all the people saying cops treat people like human garbage an the leaders saying to give cops a chance but how can we when they treat people like this, “its your bag now” really you pos cop your gonna accuse an judge an tell him whats his an what is not then arrest him, cause most cops are fat out of shape losers who need to bully people to feel good bout themselves. Im sure van will accuse the video as racists somehow, everything is racist to van

  4. “That says Mr. Garcia”…Bruh…the most common mf name in the Spanish language lmaooooooo. Could be anybody’s.

  5. I don’t even like him but this looks like they set him up. He wouldn’t be so adamantly denying it and telling them to check cameras. Well yea I guess he would deny it regardless but he wouldn’t tell them to check cameras if it wasn’t his.

    • +CherryMist87 Exactly. This was a set up. I am starting to see a pattern with these up and coming rappers. Like they are all getting hemmed up. It’s crazy.

    • Setup ?more like rat one of his boys saying I didn’t walk in here with it which means someone did he’s rich so u kno he had someone carry it or hopefully the hotel service was caught handling it or something

    • +D W Because why wouldn’t he? Lol of course he is going to deny it. I would too if there was some illegal stuff in it. Lol but I honestly think this was a set up. I don’t believe it is his bag.

    • +CherryMist87 Lmaooo EXACTLY! Always deny whether you guilty or not, because there is always that small chance that you get away with it. 😂😂😂😂

    • Mary Collins unbelievable !! Those cops no more care about being filming incident!!! They know will get away with it

    • speaking from my knowledge of legality, they can arrest you all day long, but unless they have solid evidence you awaringly possed the bag or handled the contents of the bag this will get tossed.

  6. “CALM DOWN!!! I don’t care! That’s your bag now!” How degrading. Nobody should be talked down like this.

  7. “You need to calm down!!! We’re not doing anything but trying to arrest you and violate your probation and send you to prison by planting this bag on you! Just be calm”

  8. This looks like an almost obvious set up. They asked if he’s on probation and said it will violate his probation and said it’s his bag now.

    • All he has to do is take it to court. If I were him, I’d call his lawyer immediately and have them pull security camera footage of him dropping his bags off

    • dave 2400 or its obviously his bag lol. And he just tried to pull a fast one. Looks like he’s in a air port or something. They don’t just put random tags on random bags. But when caught best thing to do is deny deny deny until they show proof smart by him. Lol

    • police only behave like this in dictatorships and authoritarian states, you do know that right?? on the spot judge, jury and executioner

  9. I’ve worked in the courts for a decade now. That statement “ It’s your bag now”, just got him off whether it’s his bag or not.

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