“Botched” Patient Had Fluid Leaking From Where?! | E!

Elizabeth's 4000cc breast implants got a major infection, and her old doctors incorrectly treated it. Find out if "Botched" doctors Dr. Dubrow and Nassif can help her!

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About Botched:
“Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.

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"Botched" Patient Had Fluid Leaking From Where?! | E!


    • Code Name if you have a methylation problem yes it can. Look it up. Study a bit. I’m sorry… maybe you can’t. Hmmm sorry.

    • Code Name it’s not just alt medicine. It’s tailoring nutritional your genetic expressions.

    • Butterfly Manson Mental issues…Doctors should refuse to perform those operations on people like that.

  1. I went to LA last month oh my gosh I saw so many botched women with so much scary faces, with face like wax museum, the clones war is in LA ! Horrible

  2. The idea of having some foreign substance in my body just makes me feel sick to my stomach. I don’t know how these people do it.

    • Qatch the show on Netflix called “the bleeding edge” people do get sick from foreign objects in their body. Including breast implants, it’s called BII. I have implants and I’m currently so sick. Your body uses so much energy trying to fight off the foreign invaders. It’s no joke

    • 😂 We all have foreign substances in our bodies whether you choose to or not also anyone who has dyed, bleached thier hair. …got piercings/tattoos that’s not supposed to be there. I don’t know how they put up with the pain and having breast implants redone every few years , the thing I don’t get is why they think it looks good because never have I heard any men (except joey Essex the thicko) say they like life ring lips 😑😑😑

    • Ryan White I agree also most of us have foreign bodies like piercings and tattoos, we colour hair and all that….. but I can’t understand why they think it looks good 😣

    • ill just be real with you .Its either mental illness or they are just very dumb people who dont do their research. Sometimes they get turnt down by actual proffesionals .Very rarely will a legit surgeont with a good track record leave patients botched . This is black market results

  3. I’m happy with my B cup. gee why aren’t some people happy with smaller boobs these days..? There’s nothing wrong with smaller breasts. matter of fact i’m sure it causes less problems as well

  4. Man plastic surgeons really just can’t say no?? This is ridiculous she looks horrible.. money talks ethics out the window

    • Tip Harden Well… She is a porn star. She probably feels like those watermelon 🍉 sized boobs are a career investment. 🤷🏽‍♂️😝

  5. Body dysmorphic disorder combined with the pressure of being in porn. So sad.

    • I feel like people need to get some sort of mental evaluation before they are allowed surgery. If I were a medical professional and I clearly saw this woman was suffering mentally I would send her to a counsellor instead of operating on her.

    • Sarah Barabe I don’t think she’ll take your advice because those doctors in botched actually gave her a best solution but she didn’t take it. I hope she’s fine now.

    • Lynro Crisps
      she got herself into porn. Nobody forced her into it. Same with surgery. That’s really her fault :/ sad

    • +Sarah Barabe
      Many plastic surgeons will send questionable people to a mental health professional before they will do surgery. Unfortunately, many just find another doctor instead.

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