Brie Thinks Nikki’s Ferrari Test Drive Is a Mid-Life Crisis | Total Bellas | E!

The "Total Bellas" stars get behind the wheel of a bright red Ferrari…but Brie Bella can't help but worry about her twin sister. Watch!

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Brie Thinks Nikki's Ferrari Test Drive Is a Mid-Life Crisis | Total Bellas | E!


    • Laurianne Levesque Most Of her designer purses and shoes are from John so I don’t think she’s gonna be giving back most of her wardrobe plus I don’t think John wants them back.

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  2. Brie always acts like she has to tell Nikki what to do financially but when they went to the financial planner that time it turns out that Nikki was more financially stable for a life after wrestling than she was and the planner was more worried about hers and Brian’s none financial plan and how they were going to support themselves after wrestling

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