Brooklyn Nets Accused of Jacking Coogi Design for Biggie Tribute | TMZ TV

Cool or nah?


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  1. Coogi must not be selling so now they want money from the nets because they are terrible at selling their products. They are just using Big E name as a wat to make a payday.

    • big corporate lawsuit? that’s usually news. or do you want more kardashians?

    • The Nets are doing well in the league. 6th place where they should be much worse. I’m guessing someone has money down and wants them to do worse.

  2. How many hoods do you think Harvey goes into none he just sends a lackey to get his drugs

  3. BIG wasnt famous because of Coogi. You got it backwards. Dr.Huxtable and Biggie made Coogi pop in the hood. They was ugly.

  4. 😏HELLO TO the Person Scrolling through the COMMENTS Want to be friends😊👌

  5. Lyrics black and ugly is ever but how ever I stay coogi down to the socks rings and watch fill with rocks that’s biggie

  6. Coogi better chill lmao this bringing em back…I didn’t even notice what the nets were doing….coogi about fall off the map again and get boycotted

  7. I never owned a Coogi sweater. Always wished I did back in the 90’s. But anyway, if you like music,
    YouTube PhillyDj Hook for live DJ mixes.

  8. Is Coogi paying the B.I.G family or estate? If not they can kick rocks! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. What are they talkin bout Cosby wore those why before he was thought of!!🤔

  10. This is Gucci in the next years if goofy wide nose rappers keep wearing there brand.

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