Cameron Boyce Sorry For Felicity Huffman’s Daughter In College Bribery Scam

Felicity Huffman doesn't deserve your sympathy in the college admissions scandal, but her daughter does … so says an actor with a family connection to Felicity's oldest child.


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    • +Kev AZ They genuinely could have thought they passed imagine doing something you know you’re good at and achieving it which wouldn’t be a big deal cause you knew you could but then you find out you really didn’t

    • She was prob accepted into USC as a freshman in HS lol if I was 14 and my parents said they will pay to get me in somewhere I really wanted to go, I wouldn’t think twice and I definitely wouldn’t be thinking about my parents going to jail for it…

    • I was uniformed that paying someone to change your test score was illegal. I promise never to get caught again 😁

  1. I’m sorry for the hardworking kids who didn’t get into school cus these spoiled millionaire brats took their place.

  2. Rich people who’re caught doing “stupid” should be sentenced to time in “The Projects” instead of having their TV shows taken away, that’ll teach’em😒

    • Jonah Kiel I agree with you.They will never endure the painful consequences of what they always get away with.

  3. Not knowing “how serious” a crime is no excuse… I feel no sympathy for them.

    • +boris Odor Absolutely not.. they played and active role they are culpable. Also they are over 18 and in college so what kids?

    • +Dawn Gunderman you doooo knowwwww thaaaattt before COLLEGE … there is this thing called High School…. no one takes their SAT when they are adult… testing is done thru out high school, KIDS dont pick college after they graduate, usually its chosen a year or two before graduation. It’s a process, especially when it comes to high end colleges.
      At the end of the day, these are kids, their brain is not developed, just because someone is 18, it doesnt mean they have knowledge as a 40 year old adult, just because they are both adults all of the sudden.

      Leave the kids alone you psycho

    • Dawn Gunderman rich people will never ever experience the painful consequences of there actions,and that’s the way it is.

    • I don’t believe anyone is surprised really… just disgusted. Well, perhaps her (Lori Loughlin) fans that seen her as a sweet wholesome woman maybe.

    • HONESTO UNO I honestly thought that’s how dumb rich people get in. “ my kids on a wait list! I’ll just donate $$$$.”

    • People are surprised that they got ‘caught’. Most likely these celebrities did something to piss off the elites or someone really high up.

    • I’m only surprised because they got caught and arrested for doing what Rich powerful people always do, cheat the the system to benefit them.

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