Can Vine Videos Be Used To End Racism? | TMZ

Vine mega star King Bach thinks so.

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Can Vine Videos Be Used To End Racism? | TMZ


    • +ThePhobiaCrew Any ‘racist word’ that causes someone to act violent will only cause more racism. It’s not smart to empower those words.

    • +Meghan AS If people didn’t get offended by ‘racist terms’ then there would be no fuel for racists to get people angry. It’s a stupid cycle. Just don’t feed the trolls. 

    • +coldoustiderightnowtho
      wtf???????? it will never end until this motherfucking word is damn outta this world! This word has history! This word is not just another insult!

    • Nope. He made one vine on the stereotype that blacks love chicken. And some are just not the least bit racist. Just funny. Take a joke

  1. -king BACK! Wassup ma man, tmz here!
    I was expecting an “It’s Ba”T”ch not Back”

  2. King Bach things vine can end racism when all of his vines depend on racial stereotyping…

  3. he was funny before, like in the days before vine was mainstream. Now ALL VINE JOKES are from Tumblr, Reddit and Twitter (rarely twitter because those jokes and memes are from Tumblr.)

    • +Tim J I don’t think racism can end, we just have to accept that people are going to hate other races, mostly for no reason. I think the best we can do is make sure racism doesn’t get out of control by teaching kids what really happened in the pasts instead of the watered down history that schools currently teach.

  4. how bout that guy curtis lepore who literally raped his girlfriend and still has millions of people supporting him? Or nash grier? A lot of viners are problematic, including king bach who perpetuates racial stereotypes in most of his vines. 

    • curtis and nash both white…both mentally fucked. seems like bach’s comedic stabs at race arent so bad.

    • +marcy olmos no , he admitted to it, his ex girlfriend too, jessi smiles, she was asleep and sick and he raped her, a simple google search and you’ll see for yourself.

    • Its never gonna change that’s why their just famous on vine cause on YouTube you can flagged or someone can comment on the video

  5. All these comments are hate like if you just came here to watch the video and not to hate C:

  6. one day it will stop i guys might think it wont but if u just believe and stand up for ur rights anything is possible

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