KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Says Not Having Bruce Is a “Huge Blow” | E!

Caitlyn Jenner and Khloé K. have a sit down to try and repair their relationship on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". Watch!

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KUWTK | Khloé Kardashian Says Not Having Bruce Is a "Huge Blow" | E!


  1. I agree with Khloe and support her 100% This is her step dad that has transitioned into a woman, this isn’t just any random stranger transitioning! Her real dad died and Bruce is now Caitlyn, so I’m sure it is very tough for her to process this still!

  2. when a sibling transitions (like in my case) I thought ok still a sibling just a different but I could see how losing a father figure would feel more confusing. Everything was also so public it probably made it hard to cope.

    • Just because she transitioned doesn’t mean she is not the same parental figure. She is the person, the same voice. She was ALWAYS a woman. It shouldn’t matter if she wears a dress. And anyhow Kris was the real father figure all along.

    • Sofia Santos Good point. They are all grown up women pretending to be teenagers still living at home. They are just extremely childish adults clinging on to the momager.

    • The thing is that according to them Bruce became a different person. He wrote that book dissing kris and the kardashians. And i think kendall and kylie have mentioned how they don’t like some things he’s doing.

  3. I can’t understand how Caitlin thinks it’s the responsibility of the children to keep in contact with her. Transition or not she is the parent, if I was in that situation there’s no way I’ll let weeks go by without seeing or talking to my kids, I’d be stopping by their house everyday, I’m not a fan of kris but I’m sure she wouldn’t let that fly either and for her to try to guilt trip Khloe by saying ‘I took you in for 23yrs’ well.. I was a small child and U married my mother so what do you want a medal for that??!

    • Pris T you are so right!!! Caitlyn is forget that just because she is now Caitlyn and has a new life that her past life is bro effected by the transition. She is trying to live a new life as New person and essentially omitting Bruce and his responsibilities as a father. Is it just me or does it also seem like Caitlyn lowkey just wants to be one of the “it” girls when it comes to them

    • My mom’s mom is the same way and she ins’t trans…some parents just think things go one way and if their kids arent contacting them, then their kids obviously hate them. They don’t see that communication goes both ways.

  4. I feel so bad for I’ve lost my dad, it’s very painful and sad. But to lose two dad’s ,I can’t even imagine what she is going through. This is not a friend,sister or even brother, that’s her father a parent. Even though they say nothing changes, everything changes. I hope they can find peace with one another.

  5. For all the people who are saying they think the reason behind why Khloé is so affected by Caitlyn’s transition is because she is transphopic or homophobic is ridiculous. She feels a sense of loss because Caitlyn isnt the person she has grown up with and had as a father figure for over 20 years and is grieving Bruce’s ”passing” per say through the ”birth” of Caitlyn which makes her a completely new and almost unfamiliar person.

    • Right when Caitlyn transition she sprang it on them. She didn’t give them time to adjust an accept .

  6. She lost her father figure, yes, she has Caitlyn now, but even when its the same person, Caitlyn is not Bruce, she misses Bruce. And lets admit it… Bruce was great, a sweet guy, and Caitlyn is kind of bitchy!

  7. “23 years investing my life-” whaaaat?!! since when was parenting all about the parent:/ so weird to say something like that.

    • she meant that she spent alot of time thinking and living for others and not herself

    • It’s true when you become a parent that is what you do. You invest your life to your children.

    • He’ s saying investing becoz he really did work very hard to make things working.Think of urself as a woman and someone told u to put guy clothes and do all the guy duties for rest of Ur life. And when u get older Ur children and wife are not giving u r espect becoz when u get older u can’t do the acting of being guy anymore. Then u will also start saying investing.

    • I think Caitlyn feels hurt that no one has stayed/stays in contact, and investing time with people you care about for them to turn their back on you is hurtful. I feel her.

  8. I feel like out of ALL the Kardashians Khloe is the only decent one with half a brain!!!

  9. Poor Khloe. No matter what Bruce thinks, he’s still the parent! That never changes in children’s eyes no matter how old the children are. Bruce/Caitlyn is so narcissistic and selfish.

  10. I Cannot Deal With Bruce’s Voice Coming Out Of Caitlyn’s Body . Gurl , Work On It .

  11. That’s gotta be so hard. Her stepdad is sitting right in front of her, but it’s not her stepdad anymore. You know what I mean? It just appears to be Bruce with long hair, but it’s not. That’s gotta be tough to deal with.

  12. Okay. Dude. You are the parent. It is your job to reach out. You can’t come into the conversation on the defensive and expect positive results.

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