Celebs Bid Farewell to Obama at White House Party | TMZ

Prez Obama had pretty much every big star who gave him mad support over at his crib Friday night, and it looked super cool.


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Celebs Bid Farewell to Obama at White House Party | TMZ



    • +ItsonlymeMsKim You are brainwashed. He killed alot of people with drones and made the condition for ISIS that is killing my people in Europe. he was horrible.

    • So they have to be racist just because Obama happens to be black? Here’s a news flash for you. No one walked to Washington when Obama won but when Trump won they did. Did white people riot when Obama won? No, but black people did when Trump did. I wonder who is more racist now than ever.

    • Opus Dei everyone is entitled to their own opinion & I respect it, , but saying no one rioted has to be the biggest lie here, , matter of fact they were worse but the media didn’t cover all of it because it made Caucasians & neo naziz look bad, , it was a while back so not many recall it but I sure do, , it’s common sense they cover the “riots” people do but don’t cover the PEACEFUL protest, , why ?? Because riots sells!! Drama sells !! Ratings go up, people see peacefulness as boring

  1. exactly how you can tell politics are fake, their biggest supporters are Celebs and Hollywood.. Nothing but fake

    • Even so he is still associated with hollywood, you cant deny that unless youre delusional. Which means he is still part of the “fake politics” you claim. Also, @Conrad Dev you might want to calm down before you pop the few blood vessels you have left. Maybe a horse tranquilizer would help.

  2. …I thought they said; If Trump wins most of them would be moving to Canada…Wolf Tickets!..

  3. I was more upset when Dave left,but I’ll be glad when Colbert finishes his term.

  4. Did they spend the night giving each other awards and patting each other on the back?

  5. If you see a big tent over the Whitehouse soon don’t worry its just being fumigated.

  6. Not surprising. Hollywood phony. Just like the last 8 years. And where were the Clinton’s?

  7. Good bye to the best President the USA has ever had,I will miss you and your family so dearly, even though you experienced so much hate from republicans,you made it through safely with over 400 accomplishments with citations, and I will never forget 08′ and 12′,you made history! OBAMA🇺🇸👏👏👏👏👏💯💯💯💯

  8. Shows you how Celebrities don’t live in the reality. Obama has done nothing but sell out our National Sovereignty and Hollywood applaudes him. How Ironic new movie came out called LaLa Land. Lol

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