Chimp Expert Jane Goodall — Bubbles Was Beaten On Michael Jackson’s Watch | TMZ

The world's leading chimp expert says Michael Jackson's famous pet monkey Bubbles was brutalized at Neverland and she blames MJ.

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Chimp Expert Jane Goodall — Bubbles Was Beaten On Michael Jackson's Watch | TMZ


  1. “When he was with Michael he was beaten”


    …… You can tell you’re not listening when…

    • Sam Adams Oh loool I get it now. The Joe Jackson technique. That’s funny but I don’t believe Michael was beating that chimp.Gosh ppl will accuse Michael of everything under the sun.

  2. I don’t know how you could confuse what Jane Goodall  said with  Bubbles was taught to dance by MJ to the song Beat It ! Clearly she stated that Bubbles was beaten on MJ’s watch !

    • Kennedysirhandoswald Yeah like she lived with him days and night, right? So she knew everything. Jesus I wish people can just stop making craps up for one second.

    • +Renae Han She spent most her time in the vicinity of chimpanzees. If she says Bubbles was beaten, I believe her.

  3. I remember her coming to my school 10 yrs ago and she was amazing. What a great person.

  4. (Sad moment) when he was with Michael Jackson… He was bea- DID MICHAEL JACKSON TEACH HIMHOW TO DANCE?!?!?


    • Lotus Water he’s not and you’ve obvious gotten your “information” from extremely unreputable sources. He was always innocent and never did anything of that sort.

    • McKenna K you don’t know that with any more certainty that people saying the opposite. You just have feelings. You just have how you hoped it was. And that is fine, in trying to see the best and being positive.

      The foolishness, and maybe this doesn’t apply to you, but the foolishness is not being able to step back and say…”hmmm, strange pedophelia behavior, home set out like a lure for children, at least 20 documented complaints from the parents of young boys , most from different countries…all matching the same MO…when someone stomps there foot and says it’s not true! I said so! That’s not credible.

      Change my mind.

  5. Goodness can’t the ppl just shut up with the MJ trashing & bashing? Enough already! How does she know he was beaten? Was she there? Don’t think so!
    Let a dead man who can’t defend himself anymore rest in friggin peace!

  6. Omg I learned about Jane in my science class we watched a whole documentary about her

  7. I FOUND OUT WHAT SHE SA8D!!?!?!?!?!?! The guy asked “did Michael ever teach him hpw to dance” and the blacked haired lady daid “will you boys please excuse us”👵

  8. She didn’t say Michael Jackson beat Bubbles, she said when Bubbles was with Michael Jackson he was being beaten. Was the caretaker who did that, because Michael loved Bubbles.

    who knows who beat Bubbles for throwing poop on the walls, that would make ANYONE angry.

    • Perlita Habanera Probably the caretaker best on him. Maybe that was how he trained him to behave. Maybe all trainers do that behind doors and we don’t know it.

    • “Throwing poop on the walls”?
      THAT is why WILD animals shouldn’t be kept as pets! Animals are NOT here for man’s entertainment! Michael adopted Bubbles, therefore the chimp was his responsibility, regardless of who it was that beat him. Though, after hearing about MJ’s penchant for sadism (amongst his obvious sexual perversions), I no longer have any doubt that he was capable – eager and willing even – of inflicting pain on any human/animal he came into contact with.

  9. She says ”when he was with Michael Jackson”
    not ”Michael Jackson did it”. I’m sure if michael knew he wouldn’t let people do that to Bubbles, he loved him dearly.

  10. Umm, Bubbles was fine around Michael. He didn’t show any kind of fear around his human.

  11. I love Michael Jackson to death I really do but it’s sad to think that bubbles was being subjected to such degrading behavior. I’m not saying Michael himself abused bubbles because I don’t think he did but it’s not natural for a chimpanzee to moonwalk. I can only imagine what his trainers had to do to him to get him to preform the moonwalk. I agree with Jane that physical punishment was used to get bubbles to preform such tricks. I’m an animal activist and I’ve seen what goes into making animals like chimps preform such behavior. Again please don’t think I’m attacking Michael because I’m definitely not. I don’t think he ever harmed bubbles, I know he loved him very much, I don’t doubt that for a second. He most likely had people train bubbles for him and the people who trained this chimp should be ashamed of themselves.

  12. Bubbles was not beaten. You people need to watch video where chimps beat and kill each other and then feast on the meat of the dead chimp.

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