Chrissy Metz Says She Did NOT Call Alison Brie a Bitch on Golden Globe Red Carpet

Chrissy Metz could not be clearer … she did NOT call Alison Brie a bitch on the Golden Globes red carpet … she called her a babe.


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  1. Jesus Christ, tell her to lose weight next time instead of all the pointless questions…. be a positive influence even if she hates you for it.

    • Any person with a weight problem..
      Knows it..
      Do you think anybody wakes up in the morning.. and besides to eat and have weight problem,?
      The answer is no..

      Just leave her alone

  2. Honestly did not watch the video but no one caresπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    • +Greg Gomes LOL at least you’re honest..
      Try to have a great day..
      The next time you call Mint make it a kind comment..
      And I guarantee you your day will go better
      Being kind makes a person feel so damn good

    • Greg LOL I am using voice command.. I just seen my comment it sounds like I’m on some kind of drug LOL I guarantee you I’m not

    • Hopeful healing Understood what you were trying to say have a great day moving on…πŸ€™πŸΌ

    • You’re not going to hell you’re just not a very nice person..
      But of course I didn’t have to tell you that you already knew it

    • +Hopeful healingSee could the the kindest and sweetest person on earth but it doesn’t defeat the fact that she looks like a beached whale.

  3. Classy lady I love Chrissy… you can’t buy class you either have it or you don’t..
    And Chrissy has always had it

  4. She is huge, she even has a group of men and paparazzi orbiting around her due to her gravitational pull.

    • +Haruglory131 you can’t look directly at her notice how nobody made eye contact with her because if one dares to make eye contact you will become another satellite in her space doomed to orbit her until the end of time unless her star burns out then and only then can you escape the awesome force of her gravity

    • Wtf people look at these fattys and think its ok. Its a shame she ran out of breath by walking..

  5. She wasn’t invited to the Golden Globes, she actually crashed through the wall screaming OHH YEAAAHHH!

  6. She would get an oscar for going to a restuarant and acting like she doesn’t want to order the entire menu, that would definitely get her an oscar

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