Christina Milian Turned Up | Christina Milian Tries On a Fake Butt | E!

When the singer goes for a plastic surgery consultation, she gets more than she bargained for! Check out her faux behind on "Christina Milian Turned Up."


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Christina Milian Turned Up | Christina Milian Tries On a Fake Butt | E!


    • RDS2010luv I agree, implants don’t last long, they start moving around and flipping over lol last thing you need is those things popping inside of you, plus you can tell when somebody got implants.

  1. Sad and pathetic. It’s crazy that women would consider getting implants to make their asses appear bigger. They should be happy the way God has blessed them.

    • +JaySkoon93 so it’s a little more permanent. Why’s that so bad when they wanted it?

    • Well a)not all of us believe in god and b) not all of us are happy with the way we look so we turn to plastic surgery to help us with that and to boost our confidence. and c) it’s not your body and it doesn’t concern you. If you don’t want to have plastic surgery then don’t get it.

    • It’s her body, even God Himself said that it’s not what you put in your body that defiles you, it’s what comes out of your mouth. Judge not, lest you be judged!

  2. She’s GORGEOUS, but feels the need to get a bigger butt because of what’s “in”. She must’ve not realized she’s been blessed for a while.

  3. Now I don’t like Rihanna, but she’s like the only one without any plastic surgery so I really respect her for that. Like, what is up with these women not loving what they got?

    • I don’t agree with plastic surgery but you don’t have to judge her. I’m sure you’re doing something she & other people would think is lame. It’s always the people who hide their shady dealings who loudly boast their judgments.

  4. Her butt is fine! She just needs to lift it by doing squats and leg lifts!! Don’t be stupid girl….

  5. Omg you know what’s funny, these butt implants achieve what can be done by WORKING OUT. Seriously she has a good amount of butt back there and all you need to do is freakin SQUAT more and add some weight’s to your glute exercises. Glute bridges, cable kickbacks like just take some months to really workout on your glutes and hamstrings and you will see your butt round out and lift on its own. FYI there IS muscle back there that you can BUILD just like any other muscle. No need to go under the knife unless you want some out of this world mars sized thing coming out of your back which if that’s the case then go for it.

    • +Rachel Rae um try reading my reply directly above???? Not sure what u are missing…OK I will make it easier, I am going to comment with just the name so u dont have to think too hard.

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  6. I don’t get it … She’s rich , why not hire a personal trainer and hit the gym?

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