D.L. Hughley Says Society Gave Michael Jackson a Pass Because of His Talent | TMZ

D.L. Hughley's takeaway from the Michael Jackson documentary is that WE as a society need to take a hard look at what we let incredibly talented celebrities get away with … often in plain sight.


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  1. And we all give DL a pass when he’s not even funny! Tell this clown to shut up

    • There is no proof they both said he never did this in court and they said it more times than that

    • Macaulay Culkin said many years ago Michael Jackson performed oral sex on him in a hotel room well they watched Home Alone they were even caught by the maid

    • How can they prove it? They don’t have semen stained clothes and video tapes. They were Children. What prove can they give you?

    • +Yolanda Just Me
      It’s people like you that give a child molester a pass. I guarantee if they showed you a video of Michael molesting little boys you would deny it deny it and deny it. He wasn’t a great musician, he was a great child molester deal with it

    • Cinematic Perception r Kelly is very different there’s marriage certificates for Aaliyah and a tape

  2. D.L. Is right if Michael wasn’t famous no normal parent would allow their son to spend the night with a grown man or hold hands etc. I didn’t see the show but he was right about people allowing their kids around somebody just because their famous no matter who the famous person is.

  3. And Society gave Catholic priest a pass because they looked at them as if they were God almighty!πŸ€”

    • I’m starting to think something is wrong with you people. Both were wrong. The priests, Jackson, r Kelly, Harvey Weinstein…its not a racebaiting situation. They were all evil predators. Why is that so hard to wrap your mind around

  4. Well….he’s right. Michaels dead….lest him be. Everuone knew what was up and no one said this is weird until it was too late….parents allowed their kids to go there and didn’t find it strange but now they wanna tear him down. The man is dead. Move on

    • +Ayan D A facts it’s probably because of his daddy and he never got to be a child and you never know what happened to her he did not do this they say he never did it they said he would never do this in a sweater God he in court they said he did not do it

    • VERY hard to believe a grown man (I don’t care if he was deprived of a childhood) is hanging out and sleeping with kids. TOO fishy not to be true

    • I remember Latoya Jackson & Taj (Tito son) said they were sexually abused by someone in the family. Matter of fact, Latoya said it was her and Rebbie was sexually abused by their dad and the mom knew about it. Then Latoya said it was inappropriate for MJ to be sleeping in the bed with children.
      She said it publicly but then changed her statement (said her abusive husband made her say it). SMH
      The Jacksons have a lot of secrets just like any other family.

  5. I understand what he’s saying, but if a person’s been proven innocent in a court of law and there’s no evidence to substantiate their claim(s), these people have been proven to have snakesh intentions after not getting what they wanted, why’s it so difficult for people to see that this whole thing is nothing but a huge money grab?

    • +Cinematic Perception Yeah they have, I see your point, I’m just done with the seductive get rich schemes that taint peoples’ psyxhes. In closing, I just don’t think it’s possible to equalize the two situations from an evidence perspective

    • +Kings County BabySpeaking of allegations, I’ll make one: Oprah’s been smashing Weinstein for over 20+ years, that’s why she won’t crucify him.

  6. Thats right DL….i dont care how famous you are ..im not letting my child go 2 a sleep over with a grown man and whole bunch of all boys..so creepy ..pied piper type thing.

  7. Secret societies in hollyweird be putting these mega superstars under mk ultra mind control & make them do all kinds of strange things….Michael Jackson fought back as much as he could(listen to his songs…1)money…2)d.s …3)this time around….4)they don’t really care about us…….d.l.& oprah need to fall back….especially boule oprah

    • +Harold Taylor You know nothing about me for 1. And if you believe anything you said then you are in serious need of intense therapy and medication.

    • +Ricky Hunt when people like you disagree…I know 4 sure…I’m on the right track

    • +Ricky Hunt you can disappear from the face of this earth & like your family I would not care…about to stop getting notifications from you…cause..I just don’t care…I have nothing in common with you…thank GOD!!!…you responded negatively when could have disagreed positively or ignored my statement…so peace out…4ever

    • Now that’s what I believe when it comes to these two dudes is no proof they said he never did it they waited until he died it’s been 9 years it’s about to be 10 years he cannot defend himself they said he never did it

    • I believe in that because when you follow that case both of these guy said he never did it and the people they bought up said he never did it I did not like how they put in other people

  8. And very Far Beyond Talented, He will always be innocent! πŸ™ β™₯ ….

    • ​+thomascampr First = For someone to give me moral lesson, must know every comma in my life! I believe you do not know …
      Second = I have a moral lesson to give and to sell to spare …
      and you will never intimidate me with judgments or accusations … by no means, my conscience is quiet … unless I owe you something … but I do not remember .. honestly ..

  9. He was not found guilty and these guy said he never did it he’s been dead for 10 or 9 years

  10. Question? If you build your own mansion and there is like a 250 yard drive at least to the front gate, why on earth do you need all of these secret passages, secret doors and hideaway places in your OWN house?

    • To keep from getting murdered. He had food tasters, gloves and mask he wore daily. Common sense

  11. People gave Michael a pass, because there was no evidence supporting it, and there still isn’t, and now he’s not here to defend himself, not that he would’ve been able to, one word against another.

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