Diddy Sources Say Cassie Betrayed Him By Sleeping with Trainer! | TMZ TV

Is this what led to the couple breaking up?!


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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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    • Jesus Perez You must be in love with Jay Z to want him to be gay so much. No straight man is this obsessed with another mans sexuality

    • +Julia Mimi No sane woman white-nights for a literal thug rapper that sold drugs to his own people, shot his brother for jewelry, cheats on his dumb wife, and is such a fake that he literally cried when Nas “Ethered” him showing the world the truth of JayZ. It was Nas that spoke the truth about JayZ. You probably don’t know who Nas is or what “Ether” is. Since you probably follow Drake. And I am only pointing out hypocrisy. Because these “rappers” got rich of singing about their many “bichez and hos” like you, and they themselves being extremely h0m0phobic in their lyrics. While at same time most of them are on the Down-low or get fuk by tra3nnies. Which I literally said on a comment above I don’t judge. Just their hypocrisy and fakeness.

    • NEWxGODz Gamer Yeah Jayz he had an apartment in Trump tower with a NFL player with the premise that JayZ was his sports agent or he was courting this guy to become his agent and they also hid the fact that JayZ mother is a lesbian

    • Jesus Perez then trump must be the reigning king of pedowood, with him him fucking ivanka since she was a teen, also the raw dogging porn stars, playmates, all while being married to pregnant melania

    • +John Tuya You got serious issues when you think a father loving his daughter, or joking about her once that she is good looking, means that “he fuks her”. Thats on you being a sicko, or a simple minded sheep herded by fake news. And yes, Trump did fuk porn stars, and playmates. Anything else you don’t actually know, but you just repeat what others tell you. For example, I could say you fuk dogs, sheep, and your sister, but that is not exactly a fact is it? And none of that actually makes you a “pedo”. Thats more hollywood, JayZ, Rkelly,, and Drake. Who both are actually on record, dating or pursuing underage girls. Even with photographic or video evidence. Or criminal evidence in the case of a lot of Hollywood like Roman Polanski.

  1. Lmao It’s so funny that dude’s think the trainer isn’t going to try to sleep with the women they train. How dumb can you be?

  2. Diddy is an old man. What did he expect? That hot thing is only there for the money and obviously prefers someone hot and her own age

  3. Oh wow 😯, who’s that new black girl on TMZ. First time I see her. She’s beautiful

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