Djimon Hounsou — Who Cares If the Black Guy Wins an Oscar!?! | TMZ

Academy Award-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou is INDIGNANT when he hears people say this is the year for black people at the Oscars.

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Djimon Hounsou — Who Cares If the Black Guy Wins an Oscar!?! | TMZ


  1. Love how TMZ loves to stroke the black culture and push race issues so hard to prove that they’re 100% NOT racist

    • If you have to go out of your way to prove you’re no racist…then you’re probably racist.

    • +marco39120 Everything with TMZ is racism or homophobia now.
      If you fart in a Footlocker, they’ll try and play it as a hate crime.

  2. What he means is if people start calling it the year of black actors then people would feel like theres no need for any more “year of black actors ” cuz they feel theres already been a “year of black actors” and america has done its part to represent black actors. Is like after Obama leaves i doubt there will be another black president will be elected cuz the people feel they have reached milestone with it and they dont need to surpass it.  

    • +MrDownWithTheSouth People called Obama the first black president and he was represented that way. People dont see him as mixed.  

    • I really doubt that’s what he ment. I got the impression that he could care less if the person was black, green, white etc, like he didn’t care about what color the nominee were.

      People are people, regardless of color

    • lol i don’t think he meant it that way at all. my opinion is that he’s saying why make a big issue out race still…that it’s 2014 so why can’t they just be actors by now instead of it being some misconception that black actors and actresses took over the Oscars.

      i agree….its about time that we all should start looking at each other as just people and not feel the need to tag wins for races over every little thing at all times. that will just keep everyone separate and things racist.

    • But Black Dynamite I Sell Drugs to the Community! When your mixed with black and your genes show more black than anything else your considered black

  3. Calling it “year of the blacks” just perpetuates racism, as if its rare that there’s talented black people. I don’t think the guy meant anything from it, but I wouldn’t appreciate that question either.

  4. What a stupid question to ask you can tell he was pissed of I would be if someone came out the blue and just said that.

  5. Poor Djimon trying to stay polite when this guy keeps talking, and talking and talking.

    • not really. staying polite is personal choice & is useful to not let others ruin your mood. what’s the point of getting angry or avoiding it when you can just be nice & honest.

  6. I’m a bit late to this but what kind of interview is this? who is this camera guy you’ve got working for you tmz because this is so shameful. Putting focus on a certain ethnicity for something like winning an Oscar has no relevance whatsoever. I’m 20 years old white as hell and this just really pissed me off. How about asking him how his hard work has brought him where he is today.
    SO shameful tmz.
    Shouts to Djimon though for handling it like a boss! you see the Escalade!

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