Demi Lovato’s Drug Dealer Says She Knew the Risks with ‘Aftermarket’ Pills | TMZ

The man who supplied Demi Lovato with drugs the night she OD'd said she knew exactly the chance she was taking … that she was ingesting "aftermarket pills," which made things risky.


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  1. πŸ˜‚ Tmz finds her drug dealer and gets a confession, WTF they have better investigators than the LAPD.

    • It’s ALL fake….tmz belongs to the devil!! Did YOU notice when every Hollywood actor/actress dies, guess whose on the scene FIRST!! Example: Michael Jackson

    • +Niecy Kiss you obviously don’t know what TMZ stand for… look up “30 mile zone” and then come back here with your conspiratorial nonsense. If you knew anything about paparazzi then you’d know they spend 12 hours waiting to get one shot, comment or event surrounding a celebrity to report on…. they’re not the devil, they’re just more dedicated to getting true Hollywood insider information for the purpose of resale than you. Oh and now I’m beginning to realize you are likely a troll, oh well.

    • I know!!! And the drug dealer seems sooo high and cool with the interview hahaha that is so wrong in many levels where are the cops lol

    • Jim Comey should go work for TMZ. He might have done a better job interviewing Hillary had he been reporting for TMZ.

    • *white drug dealers ☝🏾
      A black drug dealer knows the deal. Whites get off easy. A black man would be facing 20 years for doing this

    • Julie Fisher I think it’s because he wasn’t just her β€œdrug dealer” he just happened to be one of those so called β€œfriends” who mess with drugs and offered her some … he didn’t force her to take them. She willingly took the pills knowing and not caring about the consequences. She’s clearly in a dark place but that doesn’t mean she won’t be held accountable for her own decisions.

  2. If you’re a drug dealer and you’re being interviewed, than you are probably not a good drug dealer

    • Steve Samonian i mean I did sell coke and dope from age 13 till 20 but please tell me more about how drug dealing works Steve

    • +poop dolla. kobgoate being the first homeless person they ask where to find drugs? You really don’t want to be a famous people heroin finder, it requires being either a medical doctor, or a homeless person.

  3. How come someone can claim to be a drug dealer in an interview without having to face the law? Does that mean that I am free to openly sell illegal drugs on the U.S.A?


    I know he β€œprovided” it but it was consensual he didn’t force her to take it

    • Hey someone needs to get paid not too many like working under someone so why not try a business that never goes out

    • +Sen Would you say the same about sex trafficking ? Don’t blame the traffickers blame the demand ?

    • +Thats The tea sis if she knew the risks so did he, therefore he shouldn’t have have them to her

    • be reasonable I’m aware. All I’m saying is I’ve been around addicts. They are sick, once they get a bit it’s over. She made the decision in a bad stare of mind.

  5. He tries to make it very clear that they’re in a sexual relationshipπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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