Dylan Sprouse — Working In Restaurant — But I’m Not Broke! | TMZ

It's still a sweet life for Ex-Disney star, Dylan Sprouse — contrary to stories that took a job as a host in a NYC restaurant because he was broke — because he tells TMZ Live he has plenty of dough to live on … he just wanted to try something new.

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Dylan Sprouse — Working In Restaurant — But I'm Not Broke! | TMZ



  1. ” I assume that’s cole.” bruhhh who else would it be..Jackie Chan.. lol   imma need him to stop smoking whatever he smoking lol

    • I think people were just pissed about him having so much money and still choose to work a job that they themselves have and hate.
      “Hurr durr I’m just like you working a normal job, but I gave millions anyways so no overtime for me!”

    • Kid?! That’s one of our problems nowdays.. the infantilism in our society is disturbing. We treat grown people as if they are babies, and act as if they are incapable of being responsible adults.

    • I believe anyone who can financially support themselves legally without anyone elses help is an adult no matter the age.

      Being grown Is a mentality not a physical thing… just my opinion. Cause they’re some childish “adults” and really mature “children” out there.

      A 16 year old “boy” working supporting his younger brothers/sisters and mother is more of a man than a 35 year old man living in his moms basement.

    • +ThirdStrike II but the point isn’t that he’s a kid or a man or blah blah it’s that we shouldn’t hassle people over working…

  2. this video changed my mind about them, they seem like laid back cool guys i would chill with.

    • blueberry154 Do you even know them personally to label them as “assholes” ?

    • actually met him once in nyc while camping out for sneakers (lol its wild outhere) and he happened to be walking by and talked to everyone.. then strolled on smoking a bogie, real chill dude💯

    • +BrooklynBlunts??? They’re always so friendly and lovely with his fans. In a way that you don’t ser often on celebrities.

  3. Okay am I only the only one who laughed when Cole just awkwardly waved and said “are you about to go running right now?” to the guy😂😂

  4. “He took my animal out of the cage and I want him to put it back BUT ANYWAY” 😂😂😂HE IS SO CUTE

  5. Everybody at TMZ looks like they were hired right off the streets, i mean seriously some of these ppl look homeless

    • exactly! working a first job like that is part of growing up and being a teenager. he never had the chance to be a “normal” kid so i can understand why hed want to try having a normal teenage experience

    • I know right! Why is society job shaming wtf!!!??? Like are we really that backwards!??? urgh this frustrates me ….

    • Yeah! Also he said in another interview he wanted to own or just work at a restraunt bar thing

  6. TMZ is trash and rude af. But God bless Dylan and Cole both of them are intelligent and humble men, love them both so much!

  7. I hate how they speak about him choosing to live a normal life like it’s a downgrade. He might not be getting as much money but if it’s what he wants to do then that shouldn’t matter. Fame isn’t a blessing from the gods like these guys make it out to be, if he doesn’t want it then there is nothing wrong with that. Good on him for not getting sucked up into all that Hollywood bullshit.

    • homo_horse I think they’re just baffled that he had that chance and turned it down. Probably because we all want to be famous and they just couldn’t believe he opted to be normal instead.

    • It’s all about human experience and what an individual really values in life and if these people really value fame and recognition then that says a lot about them as with Dylan it says a lot about him and I believe he’s a very exceptional human being 🙂

    • They were trying to pressure him to basically get more famous so they can profit as well tmz are leaches

  8. At least he’s working at a restaurant and not interrupting, harassing, and judging people for a living.

  9. I don’t think Dylan is broke, he seems to just be a cool, down to earth individual who may just want to live a normal life.

  10. I like how Cole made the the side joke bout dude jacket it’s like he did that cause they was low-key goin in on his brother

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