Elizabeth Warren Explains Why Bran Shouldn’t Have Won ‘Game of Thrones’ | TMZ

Y'know that meme about Bran Stark not contributing anything to the group project, but still getting an A? Well, Elizabeth Warren is here to tell you why that's 100% correct.


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    • +Manuel Villarreal “S1: Burns a woman alive who acted only in the interest of protecting her people from Drogo.
      S2: Locked her enemies in Qarth in vault to starve out and die.
      S4: Crucified people without trial.
      S5: Has a master brutally burned and eaten as an intimidation tactic.
      S6: Gives a long speech about conquering Westeros, killing her enemies.
      S7: Burns prisoners alive. Justifies it to Sam that they “refused to kneel.” Smiling when commoners are afraid of the Dragons.”

      lets not even start with season 8. watch the fucking show again. you need it. genius.

    • ShaneOfThrones that’s what everyone in this show is then… I mean the all have been involved in murder. Picking her and highlighting her crimes feels disingenuous, at least how it was told in this version, I’m not opposed to the turn, it breaks my heart like I hate it, but it is interesting, it’s more the just the pace of it all, you feel pushed towards this conclusion, and honestly they said they wouldn’t end this show nihilistically, and they didn’t in a clever way, but ultimately nothing has changed. If they were gonna do this Dani had to kill someone we knew directly, I mean the distance she takes in the bells is fine it’s ominous, but the final episode just discards her so quickly it makes me feel like D&D are intentionally trying to piss people off, like the political comparison are primal and they make me look at the show in a new light.

    • +Redmage 77 not at all, no other character would have burned a city alive, even cersei was crying because of the horror, that says a lot about her.

    • •ᴥ•
      If that’s your understanding than your comprehension level is non existent

    • +CatACor it’s right in front of you mate, she said she will do it and she did, she even thanked the Dothraki after the siege for doing as they promised, you’re in disbelief because you liked Daenerys, we all did because her enemies were the Lannisters who we hated, but due to her losses along the way she became something else.

    • All digital android. If you call everyone a communist then no one is. It has lost all of its power as soon as right wingers accused every liberal of being one.

  1. She is a smart capable lady, she woud do great great job not be on twitter all day, she woud not make you feal shame or lol by other countrys.

  2. Elizabeth Warren shouldn’t have pretended to be a Native American her whole life!

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