Elton John, I’m Not Playing this Wonky Piano!!! | TMZ

Elton John stopped his concert dead in its tracks Saturday night, after his piano failed miserably.


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    • Shawn Gifford
      My mother was a concert pianist and it was her huge peeve… Not only did she have to quickly familiarize herself with the music halls pianos in every venue throughout the world. .. Often some keys were flat. My mom was the biggest perfectuinist … However never interubted a show like elton did.

    • No Shawn, he is just a huge jerk and has been his entire life. There is no need to act like a freaking 10-year-old. I saw him many times when I was younger and will not see him again.

    • Shawn Gifford he is a sodomite and a hell bound loser who abuses children by being and sexual perverted homosexual…smarten up you hell bound pagan

    • zippitydoda day you’re an idiot and don’t know anything about pianos and what was going wrong here. He uses a synth module for the piano and the pedal is stuck down, impossible to play any genre of music this way.

  1. MIDI sustain message stuck I think! Always a risk when you run MIDI cables such a distance. Not necessarily the piano itself at fault. Funny though bless him!

    • I heard once in an interview He switched to Yamaha because Steinway refused to give him much support (couldn’t give a flip that he played their pianos). By contrast he has partnered with Yamaha on a few special projects and they really seem to appreciate him as a customer more. That said I really liked the unique sound from the 80’s as well.

    • His former sound engineer Clive Franks once said that just playing solo his monitors are blasting out 118db which is louder than a jet engine. I can’t imagine what its like with the full band.

    • Elton said that on another clip that his pedal got stuck as well. He may have rants but doesn’t mean it because he always puts his fans first. Im off to see him at The County Ground in Hove next year. I may see you as it’s down your area.

    • +Michael David It’s a shame he doesn’t explain a bit more what’s happening, even if this is technical, you can find words; because the audience doesn’t even notice anything before he stops. His attitude pushes a terrible pressure on the staff shoulders, fortunately he thanks them afterwards.

    • We all know what Elton is like when things go wrong and people love it when he rants but the audience don’t take into account about how much pressure the crew are under to fix an issue very quickly and get blasted for it. It’s live so anything can happen. He does rant but doesn’t mean it. At another concert in 2009 with Billy Joel Elton’s piano broke down with the same issue a stuck pedal but Billy carried on playing because he was playing a keyboard instead. No stuck pedals that way.

  2. When it comes to music, Elton John wants nothing less than the best for his fans ! He is the KIIIIIIING !!!

  3. I believe this is demanding perfection for the people who spent thousands of dollars to see him.

  4. He’s not bitching about his coffee being the wrong temperature, he wants his piano to sound perfect so the fans get the best possible show.

  5. When you go see Elton, you definitely know you might see a diva moment. It’s why I love him. He’s one of a kind.

  6. Sir Elton might have diva moments, but there is a reason he is a living legend, and it’s because he gives his best every time he is onstage. There was no reason for his piano to have been as out of whack as it was, and he was rightly frustrated.

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