Elton John Loses It When Handsy Fans Get Onstage, Walks Off Vegas Concert | TMZ

Elton John's still down to fight unruly fans — Saturday night or not — if they get onstage and refuse to keep their hands to themselves.


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    • I was VERY EXCITED in 75 seeing him at dodger stadium..Amazing @ 28 in his dodger uniform! Went both days! Shows SO incredible then and we saw them all! Frampton, Wright, Yes @ Anaheim stadium, ELO, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Blue oyster cult, Blackmore, Journey, ZZ top, Boston, Aerosmith, Rush, Foreigner, Genesis, Kansas, Stewart, Nugent, Tull, UFO, Sammy, Hagar, Van Halen, America, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Styx, I still see! The Who, Petty, Harrison, Wings, Night ranger, Led Zep, Fleet Mac @ Hollywood Bowl, Troubadour all the Sunset strip clubs @ 17 got in, got served! (No prob or cover for those blonde/blue, thin, pretty and decked out.. Miss Days on the green. Why cant it be like that now? Cuz theyre only talentless ranters, who can’t sing or play instruments, just spew rants of violence, drugs, sex, materialism. I literally cry. So sad. EVERYTHING/ONE was so cool, fun, happy, friendly you could trust a ride home, smoke a doobie or catch a party. No fear for your life, like now. Oh those were the days! Stones, Preston, my first Forum show. Great days gone forever! Legendary!

    • “Erin” you must have lived an unusually lucky or privileged life. My father was born in 1912 and he said that in his youth there were people getting assaulted and raped or drugged and robbed if they did not watch who’s home they went to, or who’s car they went into, or who they invited to their home.

  1. Why is the subtitle censored ‘f***ked’ but not the audio? Deaf viewers have different sensitivities than blind people?

  2. Classy audience member. Next time try pounding on the keys. Because the show wasn’t about you enough.

  3. Elton was nice enough to let them up onstage, in HIS space. The stage doesn’t belong to the public, it belongs to the band. If you’re invited up there, you better make damn sure you’re not in the way. It’s common sense and respect which many people don’t seem to have anymore. Including on this comment section.

  4. I don’t blame him. They were being annoying af, reaching their arms over the piano and touching him. He’s nice enough to let them up there, and they chose to be ignorant and annoying while he’s trying to perform.

    • I agree. It was a nice gesture that some people took advantage of and ruined the moment.

    • Monroe Starr on another note making love to u with that hair colour and face would be awesome, hope ur having a nice day ur beautiful

    • Its all about respect. Elton had every right to be annoyed and walk off. Its always one that has to ruin it for everybody else.

  5. Elton John! *Can I have a high five while you play a piano with both your hands?* It’s really not that hard…

  6. Notice how that guy looks away and doesn’t even notice Elton John leaving and he actually reaches with his hand again even when no one is there. What a moron.

  7. He’s playing piano with someone constantly pushing at his arm and trying to high five him. He warned him several times then walked off until people left the stage. Then he returned. Seems reasonable to me.

    • If i was invited onto the stage id be honored. Yes it’s tempting to try and get a high five but you have to be respectful. Id just stand there and watch the Rocket Man like the rest of the do.

    • I can’t even play in front of family. It doubles the pressure/nervousness, and makes it hard to play cleanly. Completely understand why he would be pissed.

  8. I never understood the need to photograph/ touch/ worship famous people. Very odd. Just enjoy the music.

  9. Few of the people responding to this performance have any idea some of the things that performers have to endure to do what they love to do. Being a celebrity isn’t all roses, wine and flashy cars. It’s also fans who think you owe them something during your off hours. They invade your privacy, interrupt dinner outings, ferret out private family events like weddings or funerals, and having weird inappropriate gifts presented to you, like personal items that have been worn, or in one case with an author, being handed a warm cup of vomit. It’s obvious things get dramatically worse when fans don’t like your work, or feel that you simply must hear how you can either do what you do the way THEY want it done, or how much they just hate what you do and that you need to know that you are hated by some fans.

    All a performer wants to do is do the job. Give the people what they pay for and have a good time doing it. It doesn’t matter if it’s old material that they want to hear for nostalgia’s sake, or if it’s new material that follows current trends. When fans do things like this, it makes it very difficult to deliver to the majority the performance that they paid good money to see. Also, there’s no way for a performer to know if a grabby fan poses a physical danger. Elton John was showing how much he loves his fans by letting some join him onstage. He was showing that he trusted them and because of one guy who wasn’t happy with that much, that privilege was taken away. I remember all too well the young woman who managed to break into David Letterman’s house. Imagine coming home to find a stranger waiting for you after a long day at work.

    Elton John is a master performer. He knows what his fans want, and he will move heaven and earth to give it to them because he loves what he does. When a fan steps out of line during a big number, he has to be worried the guy will try to hurt him somehow, or might be carrying a weapon, or might do something really scarey, like blow a handful of unknown powder in his face.

    Kim Jong Il’s brother was standing in a South Korea, staring up at a flight board looking for info on a flight he was to take. A young woman walked briskly up behind him and rubbed one hand on one side of his face, and the other hand went to the other side of his face. He had no time to react to her touching before she scurried away. Seems innocent enough, doesn’t it? Well, that young woman was arrested because within 20 minutes, Kim Jong Il’s brother was dead, having been poisoned with a two part poison that, when combined, become absolutely fatal. Now imagine that grabby guy again, but from the perspective of that kind of assault being so easy.

    It’s scary when you’re as popular as Elton John is, and all you want to do is play music, and have some friends around to enjoy it with you.

    • Oh come on. If he were genuinely concerned with weapons he would not be inviting them up, that is his idea (at least for fans willing to pay > 1K to be in front row.) Now I like Elton, saw him in L.A. a couple of times in the ’80s and San Diego and Hollywood 2010/2011. Saw Vegas show once and never again, performance was good enough and I have no desire to touch celebs but I do like to dance at live shows and Vegas is all staid, sit in your seat unless you can afford front and center (that and I don’t like Las Vegas) if I saw this I would not be applauding Elton. He may be sober, I have been sober since the 1980s but you will have drunken fools at concerts and for him to have a tantrum and tell everyone no more getting onstage because of bad acts by ONE fan is just childish. I still like a lot of his music but would never pay to see him live even if he were playing 50 miles away after this display.

  10. Can’t say that I blame him for getting upset. It’s sad that more people don’t go to a concert to enjoy the music and simply have a good time , but instead go to concerts just to try and draw attention to themselves. The other people are there to watch the performer/performers not the idiot wanting a bit of the spotlight. Between stuff like that and the increasing number of people who spend most of the time recording and taking pictures with their cell phones during the concerts ( blocking the view of other people behind them ) it makes the whole experience a lot less enjoyable for everyone.

  11. Moral of the story, The tale as old as time and song as old as rhyme:
    This is why we can’t have nice things.

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