‘Empire’ Execs Don’t Believe Jussie Smollett Staged ‘Attack’ Over Salary Issues

We still don't know exactly WHY it was done.


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  1. He didn’t stage it over salary issues. He staged it due to his mental disorder called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  2. It was POLITICAL, Racist, and pushing the Gay agenda, period. The money excuse is a smokescreen and I’ll bet there are other people pulling his strings on him. The Dems are in a panic over Trump.

    • There is no gay agenda putside of basic human rights. Thats it thats all. No one is trying to turn u gay. We just wsnt to live in peace anf harmony amongst the rest of our world. Thats it thats all.

    • Fine Art Connection shut up man. There is no such thing a gay agenda. If anything You’re making it an agenda by making it your business. 2 things you will never experience in life is racism and homophobia so stfu

    • +Laquinton Wagner you have them. Now go help people with physical deformities, or vets with blown off limbs, or those in server poverty, or those with terminal cancer you narracist!

    • I’m very confused because I don’t believe him and I do believe him! These men could of been jealous of him and are homophobic and just wanted to hurt him! When I got robbed a couple months ago by 3 black men I was not able to describe what they looked like! You kinda freak out and it was at 4:00 am going to the airport

    • Javi Ruiz it’s staged! His story is a big lie! There are no subways open pass 9pm. Did the brother just wait outside his apt in the freezing cold until 2 am knowing Jussie would walk out? Haha while they were holding bleach? Come on now. He said he was on the phone with his manager when the attack happened but can’t even show proof of that. Claimed them to be white. Never said in the police report they screamed maga country. TMZ said it so Jussie played along. The brother and him were in contact a lot when all this went down. Do you honestly think he would put on the check attack me and bleach me? Haha. It’s away to throw the cops off most likely. Think! Also he kept the rope around his neck the whole night while he ate his subway haha. The whole hospital thing and everything about his story just sounds made-up.

      He’s lied to cops before when he got s dui and acted like his brother. This isn’t his first rodeo.

    • Javi Ruiz how can you believe him? Nothing he has said is true haha. Even his neighbor doesn’t believe him because it’s mainly gay black people that live there. And very liberal. So the two brothers knew right away that was Jussie coming out at 2 am in freezing blizzard weather? Hahahaha. It’s staged and he got caught. He’s the gay 2pac bro.

    • PLLittleMama2007 and he spoke on the phone with them right before the attack. Plus these guys have strong accents. So if they attacked him on their own why did Jussie say they were white? They are clearly dark black men with strong accents from Nigeria haha. Come on now! You still believe this joker

      Jussie is a strong liberal who hates trump too.

    • Javi Ruiz did they have Nigerian accents? Hahaha. Sucks you got robbed but this was a political move in Jussie part. He didn’t get robbed bro. If he just got robbed no one would be talking about it or care. His story is so far fetched and he’s blaming white trump supporters. When it was clearly two black Nigerian guys. I think if they were yelling maga country you would hear their strong accents. They wrapped a rope around his neck. You would clearly see their skin color. Come on now haha.

  3. Just another lie.He did it for attention and to feed his t.d.s. not to mention he had a concert coming up that wasnt sold out but did after the hoax.He”s a sick human being that cares about no one but himself.

  4. I don’t think he did it to get a payrise on empire he wanted the attention so he could right a book and that book would hit sells and then get his own t.v. show like opera or Ellen thats were the big money would come from and even get a film made about him and he would get like 10 times money off his book sells,t.v. show,sponsors,public speechs about gay right and blacks and reminding people his the gay tupac and he fought back and because he will be seen as a hero or role model if he starred in films and adverts and documentaries he would get paid millions and millions of dollors because people would know now who he is and he would be seen as an idol and he would quit empire for good that was his plan not to get a pay rise on empire by the sounds off things this guy was bored of working for them and wanted to move on to bigger and better things and to be known but it back fired big time

    • +Rayne Ryan I can see how you would think Jussie would write in the memo section of the check, This is for the hoax, seeing his a dumbass and all. CPD subpoenaed his phone records, and they have everything going in an out. And even if it were for training were are all the other checks for training. Nor just one.

  5. He wanted to be a hero….for black gay dudes….,.but the camera faced the other way….
    He fought back and they ran is what he said…

  6. Who cares….this dude faked the incident and now he willing to let his homies take the fall……no respect for him….at all

  7. It wasn’t salary he is a trump hating bigot racist!!! Tmz is a scam they were screaming racism nowww it’s salary

    • Trump is a terrible president, have nothing to do with Jussie Smollett lies. Seems like being a egotistical idiot is the new American way!

  8. It doesn’t matter he will be giving hand jobs for 20 bucks a pop soon cuz his lawyer will take all his money look for him on North 16th Street next month

  9. I hope their ratings plummet. Then well see if they support this liar. You can count on liberal Hollywood to make excuses for him smh.

    • It won’t. Drama will bring more attention. Most of the people who are complaining never watched the show to begin with.

    • if anything the ratings will go up….now people interested in this scandal who have never seen the show may watch a few episodes just to see what kind of actor he was…

  10. Whatever the reason was he still lied. He said that it was two WHITE men! Caso cerrado he’s a liar 👩‍⚖️

  11. You FOOLS do realize that you were the ones who broke this story, and REPORTED IT AS FACT (without any investigation). Now you FOOLS trying to make jokes….TMZ should be held responsible also.

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