Ex-‘L&HH’ Star Benzino’s Arrest Video Shows Full Meltdown

Benzino blew up on a couple of cops when they hauled him for an outstanding warrant … and his escalation to all-out tirade was captured on a police bodycam.


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  1. Ya’ll making jokes, but when you get pulled over for nothing….. you will be thinking of this video.

    • @Highup Underground he was mad cause they ran his tags for no reason not cause he has to pay $

    • @UZO 9 how tf you think they cant run tags..lol . Its legal nd should be

    • @Highup Underground I never said that. We’re discussing the manner in which it happened from a man just dropping his child off.

  2. That wasn’t a meltdown..
    The Man is just angry about being arrested.

    Wouldn’t you be??

    • @DON8691 Yes they did…the full vid is 1:28:55. Benzino needs a psych ward and that officer needs a commendation.

    • @IAN RUSSELL ok. …but how do you justify the b*tch n*gga rant that went on for like an hour. Ridiculous.

    • no, it was definitely a meltdown. I wouldn’t go on a racial tirade if I had a warrant and was being arrested for the warrant. He is entitled and thought he could pull his race card. Unfortunately, he ended up showing his true racist colors. Funny how the people who cry “racism” are the usually the most racist people on the planet. Once in the cop car, he decided to show his true colors by calling this Asian P.O. every racist insult in the book. But, “hes just mad about being arrested” …..yep ok

  3. The real question is… how did TMZ get a video from a police officer body cam????👍😂

    • Your level of ignorance is astounding. Body cam is public record and anyone can get it. Also TMZ only played 3min or so of a 1hour 58min rant. The dude had a warrant out for his arrest Michael lol are you so childish you cooked up that conspiracy all by yourself? Omfg you are a treasure trove of stupid. Enjoy the tin hats you weak minded fucks.

  4. Someone famous gets arrested…cops call tmz immediately…..cops get some side cash….awesome world we live in!

    • ​@Winter Bleu LOL… go do some research on how the body cam footage is obtained (you’ll end up answering your “so many questions” even though it’s technically one).

    • @Anthony Ferraez X Famous? my guy the only time he was famous was when eminem dissed him and got slashed by the ruff ryders

    • This video doesn’t show much, the whole video is over a hour and a half. The didn’t show his crazy racists rant at the Asian cop.

  5. TMZ paying police Officers for body cam footage. & I wouldn’t be surprised if the officers wasn’t on payroll 😂😭

  6. Man its a money thing and its crazy how tmz get all the clear footage but nipesy footage is bury dont make no sense

    • @wiz kalli we want to see a clear footage like the one on this video of benzino.
      We don’t see a clear footage in nipsey hussle case and we are wondering why since TMZ always provides amazing clear footage.
      Nipsey hustle footage was tampered with.its a fact and we all know it.if you don’t see that then I can’t help you.

    • @I am servant That has nothing to do with TMZ you dont think they want the best footage from a buisness standpoint? if you dont see that I cant help you either. Look at where he was shot those were old azz non HD cameras and from a distance…🤔..

    • You do know there’s a difference in quality of cameras and footage right? That comment was real ignorant…

    • There’s a murder case involved… That’s evidence so it’s not surprising it’s still sealed

  7. They also snitched on 69 by replaying 69 saying he had a pack on chief keefer TMZ= FBI=FEDS

  8. “Would y’all pull a white person over like this” Benzino you’re beige, that’s pretty close😂

  9. DISPATCH: Officer we have a possible sighting on a serial killer, and a Black man apparently possibly double parked.

    OFFICER: Double Parked? Wheres my gun.

  10. Once again, the Almighty US makes me wonder why folks kill themselves to get there.

  11. So dumb. Her and the arrest.
    *”He WiLl LeT YoU KnOw”* AFTER you’re put in cuffs and in the back of the cop car

    • @Justin Richardson see you made that up. Never said anything about me not being able to do anything because Anna minority. You assumed I said that. what I said was BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE PRIVILEGE.

  12. That dude is a sorry excuse for a man. Dude should of handled his responsibilities.

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