“Family Matters” Packed With Lies?! | TMZ

Reginald VelJohnson, who played Carl Winslow from "Family Matters," drops the bombshell that while the show took place in Chicago, he has actually never been to the Windy City!

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"Family Matters" Packed With Lies?! | TMZ



  1. Go home go home go home! I don’t have to take this, I’m going home. 

    • You fucking idiot chicago murder rate has drop in 2008 from when it was in the 90’s. Who said chicago was the safest? I forget this is youtube and to many brainwashed zombies are on here.

    • +Toonses I’m from earth, what about you? Chicago murder rate has been low compared to what it use to be. And there are plenty of safe places in chicago unless you are talking about the hood. Then you could say the whole world is unsafe since people die everywhere.

    • +Toonses lmao totally misread his comment.  chicago is actually experiencing lower murder rates compared to the times of yummy sandifer. please do your research before bashing someone who was actually right.

    • Jay Love they do its called CHI comes On showtime u should check it out sometime

    • 20 years ago, Seinfeld went out on a high note, Family Matters and Step By Step also said farewell. 1998 was the right time to end those long running sitcoms, it had to be done.

    • Janadu That was an attack, not an interview. He was surprised and they gave him no respect to ask for one. His face tells the story indeed.

  2. Umm Carl is like 70 something and the show has been off the air for 16 years now. So what if he doesn’t know the theme song

    • Your prior comment says that it doesn’t matter if you are “friends” with gay people. It’s like saying “I’m not racist because I have a black friend.” SMH

    • The show had been off the air for 16 years (in 2014). almost 20 years now in May 2018. So who cares if he doesn’t know his show’s theme song? life exists outside of Family Matters. The same way Michael Jordan hasn’t played for and won for the Bulls since 1998.

  3. No matter what happens to this world, I will always love Carl Winslow. Grew up watching this show, saved by the bell, full house, TGIF, saturday morning cartoons, boy meets world. Playing the PS1, twisted metal II, tomb raider, resident evil.

  4. Have some respect for the man. He was and still is an amazing actor. I loved him as Carl but you gotta remember that he’s quite aged since then I would understand if he doesn’t remember . TMZ is just a bunch of people who try to get the worse in actors. Other then that I’m glad Mr.Veljohnson is doing well

  5. I haven’t seen Reginald since Family Matters ended. Good to see he’s still around and doing ok.

    • He was on Mike & Molly. That show also had a black cop named Carl and he lived with his grandma who is like a black Thelma Harper because in real life she’s much younger than she appears. Reginald played her boyfriend and preacher.

  6. Reginald Johnson has been awesome since he was on Die Hard with Bruce Willis. He doesn’t need to remember Family Matters, no matter how decent of a show it was.

  7. Why would he know the theme song? He didn’t write it. Not like the cast had to listen to it before shooting episodes…

  8. i bet you he knows ever word, he probably just doesn’t feel like being bothered

  9. Here’s a guy being kind and courteous to you jackoffs and you still have to take shots at him. No wonder you guys are so hated and few have any respect for you.

  10. Tmz you guys are a thorn in the flesh mixed with being a parasite too! they need to go away asap!! And that commentar voice is beyond annoying!!!!! The man is much older now leave him alone!!

  11. Every sitcom is filmed in California at a studio set , of course they weren’t in Chicago

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