French Montana Says R. Kelly Has a Right to Enjoy His Legacy | TMZ

French Montana seems to be saying R. Kelly should have a right to enjoy his legacy … despite the flood of allegations, he's been a sexual predator.


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  1. “Whatever happened happened” Just because it’s in the past doesn’t make what he did disappear. This man stupid asf

  2. French has weak arguments that he would disagree with himself, get his hook nosed face outta here 😂😂

  3. Imagine if R Kelly is just a Normal Person with no Celebrity status He gonna be On Jail in no time… stupid System.

    • That is not necessarily true…. his sister never went to jail for molesting him… people get away with pedophelia all the time. If the victim refuses to testify the pedophile can get away with it. there was a case in canada where a neighbour was molesting a little girl and the parents didnt want her to go through more trauma by going to court so he only ended up getting a few months.

    • Not true. In the hood teen age girls date grown men all the time and often the mothers know. I’ve seen this my whole life.

    • Actually if he was a normal person he wouldn’t do a day in jail or be going to court because rape have a statute of limitations you can’t start screaming ten years later oh he raped me

  4. Imagine listening to a French Montana song without a feature? HAHAHAHAHA no thank-you come again.

    • +Lady Love lmao you a square normie. You like drake alot too don’t you? Kdot, Cole, Kanye, JID etc those are some real rappers you should bless your ears with instead of this monotone unoriginal hip pop. The only thing he got is a good voice if it weren’t for that he’d be nothing.

    • +Lady Love no offence hahaha take what I said lightly 😉 I absolutely hate Rape Kelly either

    • Ashley May Hey there Ashley… I suppose, just tryna lighten up the mood a lil lol… nice kitty by the way 👌 I have 2 & they’re a handful but very loveable creatures nonetheless 😀

    • Adam Kyle he was was found not guilty in a court of law don’t see y’all going at George Zimmerman like this and he killed a kid

    • +Selena Martin Never been exposed??? Where the hell have you been for the past 23 years??? How old are you??? LOL

    • I don’t think Rkelly is dumb enough to do these things at least continually anything he’s done since then is legal

    • Oh he should totally enjoy his legacy which is one of a pedophile. I’m sure dudes in prison would do their absolute best to make sure he experience the pure bliss he deserves.

    • wise41 Yeah people just straight up stupid man. They act like they went to law school or something of that nature lmaooo… unless you’re proven guilty by the courts then all these social media opinions of him being guilty are straight up fuckery at the end of the day.

  5. What did ppl expect French montana to say.. he gave his true feelings at least 🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Why would them woman/thots run to a Lifetime Network show for a 💰 then running into a 👮👮 station???? 85% of 🌍 is a follower 😂😂😂

  7. Why didn’t none of these woman run from him when they went into public places with him???

    • +John Leaburn how does one brain wash another human. lol this aint the movies. r kelly aint have no mk

    • He has mind control over them he tells them how to act and what to say in public with his mind they have no control over their own bodies as if zombies being control by master zombie

    • +LoveEveryOne Gods Plan yes he can! But he is broke so you won’t hear about it! Look at Ted Bundy for example.

    • Do you ever heard of spiritually tied. He collecting their pee and busy with his spiritual work. You should check the spiritual channels all saying the same thing R Kelly is evil and busy with dark entities. It’s too deep.

  8. he is just happy TMZ gave him camera time. he has a right to his opinion & i have a right to say he sounds like a fool

  9. The world we live in man. A man cant have an opinion without mfers goin in on him. Rather you agree with it or not it’s his opinion

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