Gabrielle Union And Dwayne Wade Are Ready To Be The Next Power Couple | TMZ TV

As if they weren't already.


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  1. They lame asf… He gets NO RESPECT 4 taking his son 2 a gay adult festival… Worse dad ever…

    • +SuperFunkykool I didn’t know this was a comparison video? …Jay and bey aren’t the only power couple in Hollywood.

    • Ry Bread
      NO POWER HERE!!!!!
      No they are NOT a Power Couple. He got another female pregnant after a short break up. This means that he really didn’t care about her because if he did he would not have gone in raw with a random groupie.

      Also Dewayne was married and had Gaberille as the side chic and now they are married.

    • +1HAND SMOKE What does him sleeping with other woman have anything to do with their status in Hollywood? Jay-Z slept with other women while married to beyonce and that’s public knowledge. Still Doesn’t change their position in Hollywood.

  2. Having your young son go to a gay parade is not a power couple. He’s letting gay parade raise is son ( not that I have a problem with people lifestyle. Is son is too young to understand that life)

    • Kevin Wilson! You do have a problem or you would’ve posted something positive! Don’t dismiss for a second the child isn’t receiving counseling/therapy as well as dwayne & Gab for education, coping tools, parenting for psychological aspects, and grief! Yes some parents grieve because they brought children in the world to love, receive love and give love. Now love is replaced with survival and hatred! As much as sick minded destructive trolls want everyone to believe an 11 year old kid was dropped off alone with 100’s of naked Peodophiles performing lurid sex acts! That wasn’t the case at all! I know people that were sexually abused at family reunions & family Party’s by family members & strangers. Bottom line this family needs your prayers Not judgment, Lies, hatred or biased interpretations!

    • I SEE BOTH SIDES no ? Would u let your kids watch pornography/ you said I have a problem no I dont many of human beings are fighting our addiction to something .as individual are we going to engage in what we fighting against./ so you therapy n at the same time he’s going to a gay parade. Tell me how does those two go hand in hand . I’m not Bastion there parenting skills but don’t encourage the lifestyle

  3. If your are living right money is NOT power and will not ever B! SO happey ive reached a point in my life where I can say and see that.

  4. These two look like they’ve sold their souls to the devil. Something very unsettling about them both.

  5. I’m a stay home dad, my wife works but Its because we don’t trust others with our kids.

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