Cardi B FaceTiming with Offset at LAX | TMZ

Cardi B and Offset are showing all the signs of a couple deeply in love (all over again) … sharing smiles and giggles on FaceTime.


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  1. Look she never said they were back together. She didn’t answer yes we are. Stop reaching. She said..we get along😁

    • They are back together clearly. They were caught by paps on a jetski in the Caribbean. She just isn’t saying it publicly to save face after making that big “break up” scandal back in December.

    • It is obvious that they are together, she does not need to say anything is her husband..

  2. Why I thought the title said, “Cardi B Facing Time with Migos’ Offset at LAX?” I was about to hyperventilate!

  3. I don’t like how he actively went and recorded who she was FaceTimeing like that . It’s ok to ask but he literally went behind her to see .

    • It’s not that private if it’s out in the open for ppl to see it ain’t that fkn serious! She had it far from her face so he can see him too so? What’s the problem? That’s his job! He probably got extra bucks for that!

    • Would you have clicked on this video if he didn’t? 🤔. The title would have been “cardi b walks thru airport – no views

    • +datstud killacam uh yea mf cuz I follow her n other ppl thats entertaining.. You done with the questions for this book u writing lol tf n tbh idk wtf the titles be saying I just see her damn face ignorant self 🤣

  4. If you don’t Love Cardi shame on you… Bless her Lil sweet self. Dopest female rapper point blank period and got the biggest ❤

    • +THE LION & THE GODDESS T.V. Exactly an its funny how lame people talk about her yet there watching 👀 this video and taking time out there day to comment smh.

    • +XXX YYY Thank you for taking the time to read way to deep into my comment which is my opinion an put word’s in my mouth. I normally don’t respond to ignorance or stupidity but I will this one time. Calling me names does not bother a bit lol and calling me a weirdo with the profile pic you have because your afraid to show your ugly face lol it just amazes me. 😂 But I can see clearly your special so you can take your negativity an spill that on some other special person like yourself😉. You don’t know me so what you say or think really don’t bother me or affect me you moran😊

    • Chosen One Just let everyone know To go support Our YouTube channel,,,,,,sent us some love as we send send love all over thank you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💖❤️❤️ We love you Cardi B

    • Trying to look for facts on how she is a rapper… I’m sorry did just talking fast really mean rap game now??? And also I didn’t know having music written for you is a being a great rapper too

  5. God damn it TMZ… I thought it said “facing time with migos” and i got super hyped for all 4 of those idiots to go away…

  6. That moment when u realize most of the ho’s that Champion Cardi have the mental capacity of a 13 year old.

  7. THIS IS MOOD! 💖💖💖 “you trust him?” *shrugs* lol. She a big girl, she know what she doing.

  8. He must have taken his wig and make up off and that’s probably why he has his head covered!!

    • Delois Allen lol that wat I was thinking. But you know still love her 🥰

  9. How thirsty is he to ask who she was talking to and then start a rusty conversation while she was on the damn phone,rude!!!

  10. The Camera Man Was Doing To Much,,, But Love How She Stay Humble 🥰🥰🥰🥰 That My Queen

  11. “Thank you” Sound so cute! She sound like me when ppl keep insisting on talking to me “lemme call you back”

  12. I don’t think she doesn’t want to talk to him, it’s just that she doesn’t want people in the area to notice who she is, so she won’t have to worry about a swarm of fans bum rushing her.

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