Harvey Speaks On The Missing DC Girls I TMZ

Harvey sheds some light on an important topic not being covered by mainstream media.


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Harvey Speaks On The Missing DC Girls I TMZ



    • there are feds, spies in the streets, all these technology at their hands tracking devices, they take down terrosit ASAP but are having a hard time finding these girls, they have to many connections this isn’t 5th world country they can make things happen! -_-

    • That’s not completely true, thank god. Trump has signed an EO and assembled a task force to combat human trafficking. Jeff Sessions and Trey Gowdy are also hard in the case. Who DOESNT care and is part of the problem?? The globalist scum HRC works for.

    • Daniel Dillow get it started sex trafficking is bad fbi, police ,private investigators, just i mmagine one of these gangs deciding to find an destroy it and bring it to public view, gangs could go an do what fib an others can’t are haven’t talk about shaming law enforcement to have a gang start busting Pedo rings ,sex trafficking

    • Saint G Theyre not going to and probably never will !!! It’s a nationwide epidemic and they are all connected!! It’s going to take us “the people” to bring them down and spreading the word because the press and news outlets aren’t on our side. They are bought out by bigger companies to censor what goes on the news.

  1. My heart almost beat right through my chest….This must really be serious for this channel to address this issue…Thanks for the support …Please pray for these women and their families…

    • It’s very serious and has been going on for years. The UN says a million children are missing in the US. This involves people in the media, Hollywood, politics, CPS, daycares, charities, and foster homes. Check out DR Phils piece… This is THE BIGGEST issue facing our country, I have been speaking about it for 4 yrs which is minescule compared to how long others have been trying to warn us. I am so glad TMZ said something, but this is bigger than 14 girls… Lord bring them home safely <3

  2. Finally people are realizing pizzagate is real, last Dr Phil episode he had a pizzagate victim on.

  3. Thanks for speaking up Harvey- Keep on it!!! I’m sure you still have connections that can help with this, and it would be great to see your fame being used for a better purpose than discussing kardashian butts and the like.

  4. Government covert operation/illuminati/human hunting games/human blood sacrifices/modern slavery

  5. they rather spend millions looking for Tom Brady’s jersey instead of black girls

      Everyone do not respond to this person, remember psychology 101, hurting people, hurt people

    • Great Lakes. Ok, You are correct but it goes deeper than that. Where is the constant coverage on the News all over the country? Where is all the outrage of black people?. Where is the outrage from a lot of black celebrities and athletes? Where are the pleas from the previously mentioned people to include parents and friends? The pleas should not be local, this should be national. You know why black people are not going crazy, marching or protesting? Cause we don’t have time, we are divided more than any race In this country. Where the hell are the black women speaking out all over the country .. ?

    • these girls a lot of time don’t have parents it’s called foster homes
      a lot of people do not have parents
      single parent loses kid to the system then the kid has no parents

  6. Super Bowl Jersey is too import at $500,000 then to take the investigating money and look for missing girls. That’s how friggin upside down our country is!!

  7. Pizzagate/pedogate!!!

    the Mainstream media wouldn’t have talked about of the “alt-right” alternative media didn’t talk!

  8. Oh, if they were white or if it was a missing patriots jersey, they would care. This is subtle racism.

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