Harvey’s Thoughts On The JFK Assassination Documents Being Released I TMZ

Next week could prove to be a seismic event in our nation's history, because Donald Trump just announced he will release documents our intelligence agencies have fought fiercely to keep secret relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


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  1. CIA killed JFK
    Lyndon b Johnson had him killed to stay in vietnam and also stop him from exposing the illuminati

    • Colonel Crush Corsican kill team, hired by CIA and paid for by ISRAEL/MOSSAD…Kennedy was preventing them from getting the BOMB

    • George Bush Sr did it working for CIA… thats why it all hasnt been released… Hes not dead yet thats why….

    • Johnson was also consumed with becoming president and Bobby was going to file charges against Johnson the following week, and then he would be impeached.

    • Dylan Clarke but we know what was there, it was a military base for testing the blackbird and other spy planes, boring and already known, have you only just been born?

    • Area 51 is a fucking front of other many many many secret locations in the US. Don’t be a fool. What goes on in Area 51 is just peanuts to what is really going on in other locations.

    • a lot goes on there but youre correct, places like area 52 among others and locations still not publically known have more going on. and that 5 lvl one underground that they say aliens are working with our military and doing human experiments inside. the place the guy i forgot his name said they got into a fire fight with aliens and lazers cut his fingers off n hit him in chest. he was only survivor then died mysteriously soon after speaking out. i really believe were trading tech for them to abduct a certain number of humans. just look at the lead in tech after ww2

    • Dylan Clarke they take that stuff more serious than this. Exposing area 51 will get you killed asap

    • Andrew Boyle you mean Zionists, the real power, jewish people are regular people and manipulated as the rest of us. Zionist are so horrible they funded Hitler and did not care what he did to the jews, well the Zionists are so evil the financed both sides of WWII, they still do it today.

  2. I’ve been saying for yearssssssss that JFK was killed by secret service agent GEORGE HICKEY….He’s seen in multiple pictures holding the ONLY AR-15…..Whether it was on accident or on purpose, HE KILLED JFK~!!!!! Oswalds bullet went through JFK and Hickey’s bullet was the killshot… I can’t wait to finally be proven correct…..RELEASE THE FILES~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • THEJIGGADREWSHOW Probably why they stole Jacks body in Dallas,fucking bastards.I met the great man in Newport in 1961,the murder was my albatross.

    • Edward Feltch I remember as a child seeing him come to Detroit an open car. Was in Junior High School

    • What do you recall feeling?I saw 40 years of peace and prosperity in his eyes,it was surreal.

    • Edward Feltch I was in the classroom when somebody came in and told the teacher that I Kennedy had been shot.. I remember her running out the classroom crying. That night both my parents got home from work I remember my mother cry. As a black family they had hope in Kennedy.

    • Edward Feltch my dad and I was sitting in the front of the TV when Ruby shot and killed Oswald.

  3. The fact there are documents that haven’t been released over 50 years speaks VOLUMES about the whole thing.

    • George Bush Sr did it working for CIA… thats why it all hasnt been released… Hes not dead yet thats why….

    • The origins of Americas crack epidemic says the CIA was well-aware of the dealers who were smuggling cocaine to the U.S and using the profits to arm nicaraguan rebels… people were asking questions and the government distracted them by revealing Bill Clinton had an affair

    • yo Alex i believe the assassination has been over a lot longer yet we prob know 20% of the facts

    • That’s what Harvey Weinstein was for… But now they gotta get the focus off the REST of Hollywood

  4. Ty harvey, ive always though main stream media had no integrity
    But WOW, how you covered this was inspiring.
    Thank you !!!

  5. “Trump will release JFK documents?!!! What a stupid statement. It was already scheduled to be released this year By a mandatory Law set by Congress in 1992!! It has nothing to do with Trump !!!

  6. The government killed him because he exposed the secret society’s and about the government controlling the media and news and that he wasnt gonna be part of that bs, i mean did everyone forget about his famous speech?

  7. *The ClA killed JFK, MLK, RFK, MX, Lincoln, and me in 2 or 3 days.*

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