Honey Boo Boo Won’t Move Back in With Mama June Until Geno’s Gone | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Mama June may have moved back into her home, but that doesn't mean her famous daughter is following behind anytime soon … quite the opposite, actually. Sources close to Mama June's family tell TMZ … 13-year-old Alana — AKA Honey Boo Boo — adamantly refuses to move back in with her troubled mother, as long as she's got her BF, Geno, hanging off her hip. Also Bill Cosby's dishing out parenting and life advice to his fellow inmates … no joke. Bill's rep, Andrew Wyatt, says the famous inmate's a busy man behind bars with as many as 4 lectures per week.


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  1. Geno would run over Honey Boo Boo and Mama June would hide the body real quick

    • Honey boo boo needs to stay with pumpkin mama june will never leave gino she picks gino over her own kids and grand baby

    • @Chris Buss Lol the truck would be totalled and honey boo would only have a scratch

  2. It’s pretty sad when a 12 or 13 year old has more sense than a person thats almost 40. She needs to stay with Pumpkin anyway because she is more responsible than her mother.

  3. Don’t blame this child because no child should be in this type of situation and around people who all drugged up and whoever else they are doing and her mother should go into rehab for real

  4. This is why the “me too” movement is losing steam. Because of people like this that just way their 15 minute$ of fame!

  5. Don’t Blame Alanna one lil bit. She is a good girl & only wants her Mom. So so disappointed in June & I have lost whatever respect & like I had for her… when she treated her girls like $hit & didn’t care about ANYONE BUT GINO…. That was bogus af!! Oh & Pumpkin is such an Awesome young lady❤She has takin on a whole lot cause of her mom not acting her age (Among a lot of OTHER THINGS). Pumpkin is doing great … even tho this is a situation no kid should have to go thru. My love goes out to all the girls & I hope June can & will come to her senses & act like the awesome, loving, caring mother I know shes in there.
    Much love & many blessings🤗❤

  6. That’s just outrageous! It’s sad that her mom doesn’t even care about her own daughter! I give Pumpkin so much credit for stepping up to take care of Alana’

    • I give the oldest daughter credit for not having anything to do with them anymore. I bet she’s watching them on TV and shaking her head in disgust. What kind of a woman would willing go back to a man that went to jail for molesting her own daughter? Then ends up with a drug addict who’s probably molesting her youngest daughter?

    • Carmel Noyce well MaMa June didn’t care about her other kids either afterall Annie was molested and did nothing about that one either ! Sad sad drug addicts don’t think clearly and she is a full blown addict

  7. June get away from Geno please. I do not like this June. U were all about Allanah. Geno is ruining u.

    • She was about her daughter when she was in pagents ..very sad. June always needed a man around.couldnt b alone

    • selena velez I think she was sincerely a good mother in many respects, before. She is sick and needs help.

    • No, June was never good and she dated two convicted sex offenders and let one of them live with her and allow him to sexually assaulted Anna and when Anna told her mom what was happening June call Anna a liar and when June pedophile boyfriend went to prison June blame Anna and told Anna she ruin her love life and June let Alana dance at a college bar and Alana was doing a striptease and when the year 2014 came June pedophile boyfriend is released from prison June goes back to him and lies to Anna and TLC and when the photos came out with June and Pedophile boyfriend and June pedophile boyfriend is with Alana and that why TLC cancel Here Comes Honey Boo Boo child and that June stole Anna trust fund and bought a car for the pedophile June boyfriend,Good mothers don’t date convicted felons especially child molesters.

  8. Where is child protective services and why haven’t the cops picked him up yet?

    • Didn’t CPS take the kids away from Janelle from teen mom. pretty sure she is white. But you dont want to see it. So whatevs.

    • @Tamarka Diggins lol what are u talking about, they both were arrested in alabama and the kid is already living with her sister.. their white privilege didnt stop them from being arrested… the only privilege thats real is the rich ppl who can afford to buy their way out of anything

  9. This might be a bit of judgement but, that dude looks creepy let alone acts creepy. I’d question his actions when he’s doin that crystal meth…. he looks like a PEDO

    • Y T Comment Police I think it’s crack and, yes, he looks like a skull. His addiction is clearly leaving him dehydrated and probably affecting his organs, too. June needs to let that man go.

    • Yeah especially the clip when his eyes r crossed omg I couldn’t stop laughing

  10. quite common for people that have had weight loss surgery turn to drugs or alcohol to replace the food they once used as a crutch…shame

  11. This is so incredibly sad. Mama June has hideous taste in men. Where the hell is sugar bear? What kind of father doesnt step in? Letting a sister raise that poor child.
    Mama June needs to be put in rehab and that Geno needs to disappear.

    • Gigi Dodson Sugar Bear tried to get Alana from her sister but even agreed in the end that she’s probably better off with her sister.

  12. Anyone with sense know this is just a pathetic set-up against Cuba Gooding Jr..
    And as for Honey boo boo… Wise choice, little lady.

    • She didn’t seem uncomfortable at all , she didn’t move her leg and scoot over. She didn’t remove his hand off her leg. It wasn’t at all any type of sexual manor . I don’t think her face should be blared out. She’s making up false accusations , yet a coward to show her face. This is why celebs don’t wanna sign autographs , take pics , or give hugs. Everybody is trying to strike it rich through a lawsuit.

  13. The lady accusing Cuba must have forgotten about surveillance cameras..DUMMY he should countersue like FIFTY

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