How Lori Loughlin’s Lawyers Will Defend Her | Behind The Bar

TMZ's lawyers Derek and Jason breakdown the recent college admissions scandal and debate who's at fault in the case.


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    • +scorpio gurl I agree they didn’t kill anyone…. They have already fukked up their “investment”…. prison time would just be icing on top of a very bitter cake.

    • Kenneth wind Totally disagree with the latter commentary. No way did they not know.

    • +heygirlhey504 I think the guy was talking from the standpoint of how a defense attourney would go about this to defend Lori Laughlin, he’s not saying that he agrees with this scheme. We all know this is not right and Lori knew what she was doing.

  1. She displaced students with merit with her bribes to get her stupid daughters in. Then claimed the same bribe money to scam the IRS. They ALL knew what they were doing! Lack of morals leads to illegal actions.

    • Colour Stories that does mean you can commit crimes. No one is above the law. They didn’t just buy a wing to get her daughters in there, they committed fraud because they just would not be able to handle that school. The odds would be they would have to pay for a fake graduation certificate and hence how we get really stupid dangerous people in high places. It’s all wrong.

    • The people involved should be made to pay hardworking poor students’ education.

    • +Felony Strutter I hate TMZ, but I actually found this discussion interesting from a standpoint that I thought that he was talking from the perspective of how a defence lawyer will go about to defend Lori Laughlin and not saying that he agrees with what she did or that it’s ok.

    • I don’t think she actually would have displaced anyone because the coach is going to make sure there’s a winning team so they won’t do it unless she’s extra.

      So, that would mean all the players that they wanted that year on the team didn’t need any exception for grades merit to get accepted. She didn’t get a scholarship. If she didn’t get in, there just wouldn’t have been another person….she extra if I understand correctly.

  2. Everyone involved should be indicted…..they knew exactly what they were doing. Stop trying to change the narrative to fit your BS story.

    • Lady M this is how it goes.Lori knew exactly what she was doing and the end of this story will be not guilty.Everybody gets on a yatch sipping wine!!!!

    • +Lady M He catered to the wealthy. Is well spoken and dressed (NYT), is able to sell a snowball to an Eskimo.
      Under the guise of a traditional college – counseling company called the Key as a front and guaranteed a teen’s success in the elite educational system.
      Just a slick charlatan with underground connections to the world of higher learning.

    • sadly no wealthy white beautiful women will be jailed. the court system and judges give special passes to rich white females, particularly good looking famous ones.

  3. No Lori Laughlin and Singer frauded the donations by saying they were for a charity for underprivileged children. She knew it was not legitimate. She didn’t write a check out to “USC Crew.”

    • Christina Marie Lori Laughlin is so stupid she probably wrote “USC Crew” in the memo line of the check

    • David H. Kinder, ChFC the Justice Dept has a long email chain of Lori communicating with this guy about the scam

    • YOU BET!…Great comment. They are no strangers to the “fast track”, and wanted it done, no matter the expense!

    • ​+Sarah Sophia Because the guys in the video don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.


    • They have couple fraud charges inclux8ng fraud with Iris that z jail x offence for people, the guy in can shirt is a total my corrupt person

    • So fraud is legal and bfibdrg wow , they r p,car people I their 50 well educated. Seriously tht sounds crazy if they thought different violating the law why wasent it all over the news. Seriously they sound like regard who r try to k
      Look at stupid it’s obvious it’s z game

    • lol! They need to explain why Lori ‘s daughter was in a photoshopped sports pick.

  5. Lori Laughlin will switch Netflix series’ from Fuller House to Orange is the New Black.

    • Tiffany Spencer omg. If they get 20 years in prison it still wouldn’t be enough for you. You’ll sing the same song your whole life, clearly racist yourself. These women are getting dropped from every job, sponsorship, slammed in the media… one was arrested with GUNS drawn for suspicion of MAIL FRAUD. A well known no crime history actress. You need to 🤐

    • +Tiffany Spencer Since your view is distorted and lacks validity and credibility therefore its difficult to change your convictions and beliefs.
      This is not a case of what ratios of colour are involved since that is not what the courts are going to convict on.
      They are going to convict on who is involved, what was illegally perpetrated to advance students ability to bypass admissions and falsify exam results to achieve a higher SAT score.
      Money is the instrument that was used to advance these students through the intervention of parent’s fiscal ability.

    • mylifeasme go to jail for that? My Asian friends did that and they got caught but no one went to jail for that.

    • goldsilverandiamonds I never heard of Lori being a leftist. I suspect A Political. Felicity probably on the left.

  6. As soon as Lori agreed to pay the man so that she KNEW her kids would go to USC, she had the intent to fraud. It was the school she was intending to fraud.

    • ​+Mandy Schmidt Not ignorant, Mandy, but definitely better informed than you. I suggest you take a look at the _legal_ meaning of fraud and spend some time comparing the facts of the case and the merits of the laws that are relevant for it.

  7. Look, don’t be shocked people if Lori and her husband gets found not guilty. I think she will walk.

    • Lori will hire the best lawyers to to make sure she is found not guilty. wouldn’t be surprised if the Judge dismisses the case for all rich famous beautiful white folks. sorry blacks, latinos, Asians no free passes.

    • Tian Hoan he’s playing devils advocate and he’s trying to provide a very weak argument in their defense but he ignores that college applications have a clause in them before you submit them stating that any misrepresentation of the information included in the app is subject to legal action and disqualification from the admissions process.

    • +Christian Figueroa Yeap, and Lori told William “Rick” Singer that her daughter was having trouble filling out the application, idiots probably didn’t read (or care about) that clause. As a future lawyer, I wanna see how this case gets argued because their actions are indefensible.

    • Even if she didn’t know, ignorance of the law is not a defense. She is responsible. Guaranteed she wont do jail time but shes already lost a lot of money. She screwed herself.

  8. I wonder if the reason this guy is defending her so hard is because he’s done the SAME THING

  9. This dude believes in unicorns too if he really believes Lori Laughlin and her husband didn’t know.

  10. When Lori gets to prison maybe she can give back to society by giving classes to other inmates on the subject of “smiling.” How repulsive is this woman……

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