I Am Cait | Caitlyn Jenner Ignores Scott Disick While at Dinner | E!

Things get awkward when the "Kardashians" star joins the girls for dinner and Caitlyn seems to ignore him! See the awkward "I Am Cait" moment.


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I Am Cait | Caitlyn Jenner Ignores Scott Disick While at Dinner | E!


  1. She’s trash. People shouldn’t support her just because she’s trans. There are plenty of other trans people that deserve the spotlight and should be seen in the public eye like Caitlyn is.

    • Jazzy she worked hard as Olympian to earn the spotlight and fame and fortune just cause she’s trash now doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve what she worked for

    • Colin Morris but if you have kindness in your heart you’ll know the right way to treat a person. And I know you do. 🙂

    • Raiblocker no, acting delusional and pretending someone is something they are not just because it makes them feel better about themselves is not kind, it is delusional and some of us aren’t delusional. good luck.

  2. I feel his pain. When friends leave me talking to some nobody that I r rally don’t care to talk to

  3. These men dressing up as women have seriously lost the plot they need serious help just because they dress up as women doesn’t mean they really are jeez 😂

    • Sumayaa W but the fact that they have working vaginas does change that soooooooo

  4. In life, i learned that it isn’t about the people who aren’t there but the people who are there. Scott was. So, shame on you Caitlyn.

  5. I feel like the I am cait show thing that had to do with dinners all the friends are man that want to be a woman

  6. Scott actually turned out to be pretty decent. Not saying he doesn’t have problems but he seems like he’s trying

  7. I can’t imagine how any one who is trans must feel reading these comments. If I was trans it would break my heart to see that people feel this way. It’s one thing to not like Caitlyn because of who she is as a person. That’s fine. But to not like someone because they are trans is really a horrible way to judge someone. I hope you guys in the comments can learn to be a little more open minded. It’s 2018 after all.

    If you are trans and reading these comments you are perfect and fine and you should come out and be the person you feel comfortable being/ your authentic self.

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