WAGS Atlanta | Telli Swift Wants Deontay Wilder to Give Her “The Ring” | E!

The "WAGS Atlanta" star tries on a giant engagement sparkler that she hopes BF Deontay Wilder will give her one day. See how he reacts.


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WAGS Atlanta | Telli Swift Wants Deontay Wilder to Give Her "The Ring" | E!


    • HH 125 yeah I get that vibe straight away….. hes now got baby with her smh …. I hope all worls out D….I just get feeling she gold diggin

    • Mimi Cutie yeah but even with pre nup she still walks away a hell of a lot richer than before she hooked him up… I don’t like her vibe …. no way that happens in uk. ..I hope she treats him right … I get feeling she leaves him when he stops boxing. …. as he is mot the sharpest tool in the box

    • She’s not begging for a ring; she’s begging for an opportunity to get her hands on his money. You can’t spend a ring.

    • if Wilder becomes the undisputed HW he can seriously cash in – possibly make hundreds of millions. She’s no dummy she sees them zeroes.

    • you don’t get it at all. He’s not a lowball like your scrub, he was only risking a couple thousand on your pebble. Wilder has millions and a lot of wealth to risk on a marriage. She could take him to the cleaners if he’s not careful, THAT’S why he’s being more careful. Put yourself in his shoes, the perspective is as clear as day.

  1. not a good look you will know when a man wants to get married she literally could have not beg anymore, so hard to watch

  2. She gon break you off man, it’s gonna be deep when she does it too. I hope she sincere, I hear women plotting with these bars all the time “none of it means nothing without the ring”

    • Fck Yuu – I was thinking that too, but it doesn’t matter now, she’s pregnant with his baby. Got Em!!!

    • Bang4BuckPC Gamer she want that bag. Man I feel for my man
      She already gas a kid by him
      He better already separate the money for her.

    • +Da Rider I feel the same way when it comes to these males. Not enough MEN to many males. A big difference. Not enough women ,too many females. I don’t acknowledge until I come across men that make sense.Come from structure, family and strong foundation. I grew up that way, its what real women want. Not this bulchit, ,effeminate males trapped in a mans body that want to be seen. smh Good luck

    • +Courtney R the thing is there are still good people outhere but findin the rite one is like hunting a needle in a haystak you know i mean.Anywhere you will go travel to you will see that good real people are outnumbered by bad ones

    • Another point most people hardly believe n pray so thy unbalance thn unstable.Nice that you share my points,wud hav bn nice meeting you

    • +Da Rider Oh I agree. Don’t be impressed by fools because they can do something that makes money. Make your own money and keep your standards and demand women to come to the table with substance ,morality and character. Of course men have to possess what they are asking for from women and vice versa. PATIENCE is your protection. What how men and women move and that will tell you everything about them. Not what they say. This is not ugly talk. 

      Their are cute and beautiful women and handsome men who walk with integrity and strive to be the best morally. Get with them. 🙂 IN the end, those that are playing and living fast will regret it when they get old and grey for not building with a life partners on the things that matter. The money is just a bonus. They have the game backwards. Doesn’t seem like it but trust.Deep down they know they are inadequate. That is why they mask their lives with things and surround themselves with drama. F em.

  3. Deontay can get hoes like her all day every day all times! He needs an educated woman that sees things beside herself!

  4. Man knock it off.. Focus on your career bro. Don’t be no fool. Shorty wants the bag!

  5. I will never marry a woman who is forcing the marriage especially the one who wants expensive stuff to show of to her friends

    • HT logistics3434 Hey man, I’m sub to your channel and am a trk driver too. I didn’t know that you liked watching boxing! I remember listening to you on the oshay Duke Jackson channel. Good work. As for Wilder, you already know that what this mess is that he’s doing with this nasty woman…smh

    • TheGreatJ I appreciate the support bro and I hope that you’re enjoying the channel I don’t really know how I got here as this video was recommended LoL 🤣 but anyway hope you’re being safe out there and I hope you’re enjoying life all that you can

  6. Diamonds are a scam, why don’t more people know this ? They aren’t worth anything !!

    • kashmachine 1 huh wow who told you diamonds are man made 😹😹😹they are also mined like gold

    • +Nana Gyasi Maybe research the “De Beers” company. Through Hollywood pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe and a platform to reach the masses in the shortest amount of time using old uncle Edward Burneys propaganda techniques to achieve such a scam.

  7. wilder a fool, as soon as I saw this girl, I already knew she is a gold digger or materialistic. His first wife was his Down chick.. yes she was not the best looking, but she was down and you had 4 kids with her… I understand when men get the money they upgrade their girl, but ask your self this … would this same chick be with you if you were not famous and rich? that’s the question these stars and Athletes have to ask them selfs . Her personality seems so fake.

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