Jenelle Evans, My Husband Shot and Killed Our Dog | TMZ TV

"Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans is heartbroken over the death of her dog, which was shot and killed by her husband … who is defending his disturbing move in the name of protecting his family.


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  1. Its a dog and where was this same energy with Michael Vick?🤷🏿‍♀️
    Storm the property and find the dog!!!!!

    • Mike Vick was fighting these dogs for money. But this cracker need to go to jail

    • +Jon Doe cruelty is cruelty….he may have killed a dog. He should be in jail

    • I agree Vynie! They go to his front door and “ask” him if the dog was okay. He told them the dog was okay. He refused to show them the dog. The police leave. This is disgusting!!!

  2. Janelle can’t cry wolf any more. This will only get worse and she’s going to play victim.
    MTV, you’re just as much trash as these two.

  3. david is pure evil. he slammed that dog against the wall repeatedly, before shooting it. is animal cruelty illegal? it should be

    • +Marina K. Sources with direct knowledge of the situation state, “after Nugget nipped at 2 year old Ensley – Eason sprang up, grabbed the dog by the throat and slammed it on the ground.

      The beating and execution of Jenelle Evans French bulldog Nugget was so intense that Eason was covered in blood after finishing off the lifeless animal. We are told Eason began beating the dog inside the house, allegedly hitting it in the throat and throwing the French bulldog into a kitchen table.”

    • A wish they would have bought a pit bull and than we see if he would have slammed that dog. Pit would have taken his neck out and would have done a service to society

  4. MTV needs to fire Jenelle. Her paycheck will be gone. They won’t be able to keep up with the taxes, bills and upkeep on their home.

  5. He told his daughter to kiss the dog knowing that the dog would nip back at her. He wanted an excuse to kill something.

  6. He’s the worst. He shouldn’t be anywhere around kids or animals. WTF 🤦🤦🤦🤨

  7. Wow. These people should not be allowed to have dogs.. or live “adult lives”. Poor Jenelle’s mom for having to probably deal with this.

  8. This does not surprise me tho
    it’s white trash TV
    and undevelopped-part-of-americuh that people want to glamorize
    fine with me but the hubby should have the death penalty as well for favoring his ugly daughter to a beautiful dog??
    IDK but this is classic hillbilly nobody wants to go near
    good for them

  9. Dogs don’t do that for no reason and you’re suppose to train them properly. Knowing them that dog was treated poorly

  10. He didn’t humanely kill this dog. He viciously beat him first. He’s a psychopath.

  11. I’m so disgusted. If you hold down most dogs and get in their face like she did you’re going to get bit. This should’ve been a teaching moment. They should have use this to teach the dog not to react that way and teach their daughter not to get in the dogs face. But you don’t kill the dog. Not like that. This guy hasto be stopped or next time it could be a person instead of a dog.

  12. That dog wasn’t viscous, it was giving clear body language that it was feeling uncomfortable. A young child should always be supervised around an animal. If anything the dog should have been rehomed, NOT VIOLENTLY BEATEN AND THEN SHOT.

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