Jermaine Jackson Rips Quincy Jones For Scrubbing Michael’s Name From Show | TMZ

Jermaine Jackson is slamming Quincy Jones for removing Michael Jackson references from his orchestral show in London … Jermaine thinks Quincy's caving to outside pressure.


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  1. How the hell did Jermaine slam Quincy? All I saw was Jermaine explaining his sincere opinion, leave the Jacksons alone stop manipulating what they say

    • Amelia Dionyssiou Unfathomable! Right on the money💰! They utilize rip-off to make it appealing , to draw attention but when I clicked, he was simply explaining history together with Quincy. They’re part of the problem. Those that believed the lies, such as Quincy, Oprah, etc, etc have gone ahead, to character assassinate, tarnish him, when they weren’t there, but here say is what they’re using, so Michael will go down in history, as a child molester. He was too nice, never cussed around or used deregatory comments, but plainly concentrated on his talents, to entertain the world, loving on everyone. What the evil 👿 people, for the love of money, did to him, was heart wrenching, some of us haven’t forgotten. They didn’t mind destroying a person, that had good intentions. They used the children against him, later, they said, he didn’t do it, he was declared acquittal, in the court of law. Why they turned around, came back out to resurrect the past, was nonsensical, it’s due to his estate, that was put on the market, so they can make more money. The media magnifies things; they’re one of the enemies, of the people. Everyone jumps on a bandwagon, without evidence, to attack even those that are innocent. No equilibrium with the media outlet; their opinions is what they inject, rather than, broadcasting the news, so the people, can think for themselves. No wonder a lot of folks tell me they don’t watch the news.

  2. Quincy I’m afraid might have a little Joe Jackson in him. Always has. Sorry its time to sign off and go on a cruise.

  3. *This is BS!!! Until you really know the truth, who are you to try and erase a iconic individual’s legacy. Quincy wouldn’t be doing this if Michael was still alive and making his pockets a MILLION TIMES HEAVIER!!🤨He would be finding ways to crush all alleged allegations.*

  4. TMZ click bait. Headline should be *Jermaine is the gentleman he has always been*

    • I watched TMZ for as long it existed, I remember how they crucified Michael Jackson with lies during the 1990s molestation a accusations.

      They were among the top slanders, with Perez Hilton, the Esquire and the mirror. All of them tried to influence the public to make Michael look like a whacko.

      I got click bait but I would never give them the honor to be a registered member, I unsubscribed long ago

  5. Jermaine didnt rip anyone, you stupid mf! Besides, you cant mentioned the 80s without Michael Jackson. Even without his song titles, mfs know that they are getting some Michael.

  6. TMZ know they be for the drama that man did not rip him he just told him like basically be a better person

  7. How Quince gonna Chang something because of accusations when he has some himself didn’t he allegedly rape Tevin Campbell he did a lot to that man when he was a child so what he talking about 😡

  8. I can’t stand how everyone in the media is putting their head in the sand, as if they’re stupid about MJ. This is all corrupt.
    10 year FBI investigation>DISMISSED
    Acquittal and unanounced raids at his house>DISMISSED
    2 people with financial motive and a huge amount of things that don’t add up at all>ACCEPTED AS TRUTH
    All inconcistencies are blamed on being emotionally damaged due to childhood trauma. Well if u use that logic make anyone look guilty.

  9. People still trust leaving Neverland after it has been proven to be lies. Like really???

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