Joe Jackson Dead At 89, Harvey Levin’s Thoughts On His Legacy | TMZ

Joe Jackson — the patriarch of the Jackson family — has died … TMZ has learned. Family sources tell TMZ, Joe passed away at 3:30 AM Wednesday morning in L.A. We broke the story … Joe was hospitalized in June with terminal cancer. His family had been flocking to his bedside since. His wife, Katherine, had been at his bedside as were some of Joe's children and grandchildren.


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    • Talia al Ghul please tell me how would you raise 11 kids in a two bedroom home? And you have to remember he didn’t want them playing music they choose it.

    • Jim Pesmark, Exactly. Instead of putting them up for adoption so they would have been raised by parents who would have treated them like human beings, he used them as a resource to exploit.

    • Steve Parker, First of all, there are plenty of households with a ridiculous amount of children and not all of them beat their kids for no good reason like Joe did. Secondly, I wouldn’t have have even more than one kid, let alone, almost a dozen. Thirdly, I wouldn’t have beat them if they made one minor mistake like missing a note or a tune in a song. Oh and those kids might had chosen to play music, but they didn’t choose their father to beat them if they were off key.

    • Steve Parker, Also if this was just some random abusive father without famous and rich children who did what Joe to his kids, I’m sure you would be saying everything I’m saying. You’re no different than those wrestling smarks who excuses Chris Benoit’s murder-suicide of his wife and son as well as being no better than those who wants Roman Polanski to get away with raping a 13 year old girl because he made good movies. Just another guy defending a person because they are famous for something.

    • Black Koshinomi, If being a millionaire is the key to happiness, people like Kurt Cobain and more recent, Anthony Bourdain, wouldn’t have killed themselves. Michael Jackson had more money than god, yet he wasn’t a happy person because of what Joe put him and his siblings through.

    • During that time period, many fathers ruled with a heavy hand. He raised 9 kids in Gary Indiana. He had to be tough to keep them on the straight and narrow. All his kids became millionaires (Whether they still have the money or not). That’s one hell of a track record. RIP.

    • mncppc54 “All his kids became millionaires….” and one of them became very damaged as a result. Damaged to the point where he at best slept with young children in he same bed, at worse, allegedly sexually abused kids. Joe is still a piece of garbage who abused kids. There’s no excuse and no reason for it. It doesn’t matter if they all became world leaders, the ends doesn’t justify the means.

  1. No matter what you think of him, if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have Michael or Janet. RIP

  2. He was not perfect but he contributed to give the world some of the best songs ever made, he atleast deserve a little respect

    • mi fi tell yuh it means God didnt forsake him after all lol…although they say the wicked live long who knows…

    • It’s young for a Jackson. His parents and grandparents all lived into their late 90s or early 100s.

  3. People can say what they want about Joe! But he loved his family! And just wanted the best for his kids, and that is what they had 2! R.I.P Joe 🙏🏽

    • +The Truth behind the Mask Michael should have never forgiven him! I am so happy that Joe is dead but I wish he died or even perished long before Michael!

    • Tavell Clinton really? Why shouldn’t he forgave his father you talk all that bullshit you said love Michael but you or none of us wouldn’t known or love Michael If wasn’t for his father it’s for us ta say we wouldn’t do this but if mike forgave him how are we to judge

    • Justin Jackson yesssss,Joe Jackson gave us the best entertainer of all time.thank you mr.joe jackson.

    • “Justin Jackson” There was infighting in the family. Michael became so famous that the rest of his performing brothers are considered nothing without Michael and Michael’s siblings reportedly tried to get Michael’s money after his passing.

  4. RIP Joe. The man didn’t abandon his kids and raised his kids the way he knew how… Not perfect but he tried…

    • Tavell Clinton why he wasn’t in your life that’s why your trolling on comments posted take my advice anytime someone this excited over a person and you don’t know him he didn’t do anything to you need seek professional help

    • Everyone ignore Tavell Clinton… He’s just a troll looking for attention.

    • I am not a troll! I am man who thinks clearly! Joe was as evil as Hitler and Stalin were!

  5. I met him on fathers day in las Vegas at a gas station once…i was just a simple man…i asked for his autograph as i gave him his reciept for his purchAses..he walked out of tht corner store got into his purple pt cruiser which had binoculArs on the dash board..he must of enjoyed the outdoors he seemed like a nice man in condolences to the Jackson family

    • That would have been so much fun watching Joe suffer! He made his children suffer so he finally got his comeuppance by dying slowly and painfully!

    • I met Joe Jackson too… years ago.Joe died in old age.I wish Michael had the chance to live longer.Eventhough we were blessed to have the King of Pop, I sometimes wished Michael had a normal life with happiness, a wife and family.

    • +Kevin T Joe Jackson deserved to die in agony! His terminal illness was his comeuppance for treating his children like slaves (or even worse).

  6. He lived a good life (ups n downs too)…Even though he raised his kids with a firm hand (literally) trying to perfect them n make them successful, they will surely miss him.. May he rest peacefully…

    • Tavell Clinton just remember that you will also died as well so not good to be happy about someone dead!! Dead is something that everybody will pay for it so be careful how you talk you can even died when sleeping tonight

    • +Alhagie Sedia Ceesay I admit that I sound as if I was crazy but I am completely sane! His children would have made big career without him. I wish he was disowned and banished from his family. And his terminal cancer was his comeuppance!

    • Tavell Clinton

      I agree, they would have made it anyway. They started singing gospel songs with mom at home and Michael found his talent at age 6.

      Michael left his father “out” of his Will. 😊

  7. he kept all of his kids from being in the streets and made them very successful throughout their life, PROPS TO U JOE JACKSON, RIP

    • +Charla Crawford His wife should have slapped him so hard that his eyes would fall off! It would have been cool if he was looking for his eyes and kept bumping into various things repeatedly! Then he would get bruises and bumps on his head or face! It would be hilarious!

    • You mean Without the devil there would be no Jackson’s

    • Minoxidil Beard and hair products Joe Jackson had some type of impact on his children whether it was good or bad. What he did wasn’t the best, but we wouldn’t have to come to know the legends we know today. They were all stars bound to succeed, but Joe did have an extra “push” to help them perfect their craft. He did what he did, and may he be forgiven and rest in peace.

    • Kayla S mj is in heaven if heaven exists. Joe is in hell if hell exists.

    • Bruk I, mean no age is a good age to leave your loved ones. But, I’m greatful he was able to see his children, grands and great grands, live productive lives. You know😕

  8. I wouldn’t say there would have been no Michael Jackson or any Jacksons however, I would say that there wouldn’t have been any abused Jacksons by Joe Jackson if he had not abuse them. As talented as they were, they still would have been discovered. May God rest his soul.

  9. Say what you what about Joe, that man worked in a steal mill supporting a wife and 9 kids living in a 2 bedroom house and never ran out on them. He ran his family with a iron fist and that’s why none of his kids been to jail, was on crack, or nobody been locked up for messing with no kids or raping any woman. He recognized his kids talent and elevated them to stardom reason why the Jackson family grandkids and great grandkids never had to struggle like he did or his kids. On top of that he gave us the world’s greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson. Rest in Peace Popa Joe

    • The Truth behind the Mask

      Michael never mentioned his father in his Will. That says A Lot.

    • Just JuanGoodCitizen Randy did get into legal for beating his wife and 14 month old daughter. Effects of abuse manifest in many different ways. 3 of the Jackson brothers are suspected women beaters. Two of his sons have children with the same mother. Two of his children have been in abusive relationships and I’m not even going to get into La Toya or Michael. We shouldn’t rewrite history, the man was a child abuser and him using his children’s talent to get out of Gary doesn’t change that.

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